Frequently Asked Questions

How is this project different from many other studies that have been done in Rutherford County?

Although there have been many studies in Rutherford County, they have been more narrow and within particular sectors, such as health, education, or economics. This study is more comprehensive across sectors.

Does this project include all of Rutherford County?

Yes, it includes the county as a whole – the cities of Murfreesboro, Smyrna, La Vergne, and Eagleville and the rural areas of the county. 

What kinds of issues will be studied in the project?

The topical areas are broad and comprehensive, covering the six sectors of business, human services, safety and security, education, healthcare, and government, as well as other areas which may emerge. However, the project will address broad issues, NOT narrow concerns or complaints.

How will the assessment be done?

People in Rutherford County will participate through public forums, focus groups, interviews, a survey, and other means. This input will be combined with other data to produce a comprehensive report, available to the public. 

What will happen as a result of the project?

Follow-up actions will be designed around a few areas of focus identified in the assessment. The project committee will continue to oversee the effort. The plan is for a long-term cycle of assessment, action planning, and interventions.

Who is supporting this project?

Various organizations from various sectors of the community are providing financial support for the project.

What is COHRE, and what is its role in the project?

COHRE – the Center for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness – is a consulting center at Middle Tennessee State University that is part of the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program. It offers a range of services to enhance the functioning of people and organizations. 

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