Welcome to the Rutherford County Community Assessment Project!

Why conduct  a comprehensive assessment of the community?

  • To enhance the quality of life in the community
  • To coordinate the many efforts within the community
  • To target areas where efforts would have the greatest impact
  • To engage members of the community and develop a strong sense of community

Thanks to all Participants

The CAP Project Team would like to thank all county residents who have participated in the Rutherford County Community Assessment Project. We have received input from a broad section of our community via interviews, focus groups, a short survey, public forums, and our most recent effort, the community-wide survey. We are grateful for your investment of time and effort in this project.

Next Steps

Over the next few weeks the CAP Project Team will be analyzing the results from the interviews, focus groups, public forums and surveys. We will use those results to develop an action-oriented report to help identify the 3 to 5 major issues facing our community. The report will be presented to the committee overseeing the project who will make the final determination of the issues to be addressed. Copies of an executive summary and the complete final report will be made available to the public through the CAP website, websites of the various project sponsors and committee members. Finally, the committee will begin developing "Action Teams" for each issue to lead community efforts in helping address the issues.

The Project at a Glance

The purpose of the project is to gather and compile information to help guide efforts for effective community development. The goal is to meet needs, to plan and develop, and to increase engagement, resulting in a greater quality of life and sense of community. This project is designed to be participative and inclusive, using multiple approaches – including public forums, focus groups, interviews, a survey, and other means – to broadly include members of the community. At the end of the assessment, a few areas will be identified for focused action.

The project is structured around, but not limited to, the following sectors of the community:

  • Business, employment, and the economy
  • Human services and non-profit providers
  • Safety and security, law enforcement
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Local government

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