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Requirements for Minor in African American Studies

The African American Studies Minor is open to all students at Middle Tennessee State University. A student may take no more than 6 hours in a single department toward an interdisciplinary minor un­less he or she surpasses the required 18-21­ hours neces­sary for that minor. A student may take no more than 3 hours credit toward a minor in the same department or discipline in which he/she is taking a major, and no course may be counted for both major and minor credit. Students must fulfill all departmental prerequisites for any course within an interdisciplinary minor. The minor in African American Studies requires 18 semester credit hours including 12 hours of foundational courses.

Required courses (12 hours)

  1. AAS 2100, Introduction to African American Studies
  2. AAS/ENGL 2020, Themes in Literature and Culture: African American Nonfiction Literature
  3. AAS/HIST 2040, Survey African American History I                                                                                                                                     OR
  4. AAS/HIST 2050, Survey African American History II. 
  5. AAS/PSY 3250, Perspectives on Black Psychology

Electives (6 hours)

  1. AAS/HIST 2040, Survey African American History I 
  2. AAS/HIST 2050, Survey African American History II 
  3. AAS/SW 3200, Cultural Diversity: Competency for Practice
  4. PS 3170, Civil Rights Policy and Politics
  5. AAS/ENGL 3340, African American Literature 
  6. PS 3420, African American Politics
  7. ENGL 3450, Studies in Narratives: Contemporary African Literature
  8. AAS/GEOG 3470, Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
  9. PHIL 3500, Philosophy, Race, and Society
  10.  AAS/ANTH 3514, People and Cultures of Africa
  11. COMM 3560, Intercultural Communication
  12. ENGL 3735, Black Women as Writers
  13. AAS/PS 4180, African Politics;
  14. AAS 4200, African American Film, Theater, and Television Images
  15. SOC 4240, Race and Ethnic Relations
  16. AAS/HIST 4430, Sub­-Saharan Africa
  17. GEOG 4470, Economic Development of the Third World
  18.  AAS/HIST 4490, Mexico and the Caribbean
  19. GEOG 4500, Geography of Middle East and North Africa
  20. AAS/HIST 4520, Modern Latin America
  21. AAS/MUHL 4530, History of Jazz
  22. MUHL 4540, History of Black Gospel Music
  23. AAS 4600, Interdisciplinary Seminar in African American Studies
  24. PSY 4720, Multicultural Perspectives in Psychology and Education
  25. AAS/HIST 4750, African American Social and Intellectual History
  26. AAS/HIST 4755, Race and Place: The Struggle for Fair Housing since 1900
  27. JOUR 4820, Race, Gender, and Class in Media
  28. ART 4870, African Art
  29. ART 4880, African American Art
  30. AAS 4990, Independent Study in African American Studies

Courses of Related Interest

Courses considered consistent with the goals and objectives of the African American Studies program are designated as "of related interest." However, African American Studies minors MAY NOT use these courses towards the minor without prior approval from the program's director. The following courses of "related interest" are: 1. ECON 4470, Economic Development of the Third World; 2. HIST 3030, Topics in African American History; 3. PSY 4720, Multicultural Perspectives in Psychology and Education

Primary Courses in African American Studies

AAS 2100, Introduction to African American Studies. Three credits.

Intro­ductory interdisciplinary survey course which examines the African American experience from enslavement through the present; social, religious, political, and cultural interactions evolving from that experience.

AAS 4600, Interdisciplinary Seminar in African American Studies. Three credits.

Selected topics, issues, and problems in the African and African American experience. Course emphasis is on primary source materials, critical reading, and critical analysis. Topics will vary. This course may be repeated for additional credit hours in the minor if the topic and content are different.

AAS 4990, Independent Study in African American Studies. Three credits.

Allows the examination of a specific topic within the study of Africa, the Caribbean, or America. Student conducts research and confers regularly with the instructor. Work must draw upon theories and methods applicable to African American Studies. See the program director for guidelines. This course may not be repeated for additional credit hours in the minor.

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