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Photo Gallery

Civil Rights Historic Sites in Montgomery and Birmingham, AL

AAS Students and Dr. Bynum at Davis Cafe in Montgomery, AL    AAS Students and Dr. Bynum at Rosa Parks Museum 

Dexter Ave Baptist Church  Dexter Ave Baptist Church

AAS Students and Dr. Bynum at Dexter Ave Baptist Church  Freedom Riders Museum

Freedom Riders Museum  Freedom Riders Museum

Statue of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.  Preachers Kneeling in Prayer

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL  Dr. Tara White

AAS Students at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church  AAS Students and Dr. Bynum at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church


The Nashville NAACP Sponsored Trayvon Martin Rally at Tennessee State University

   Trayvon Martin rally at TSU  Trayvon Martin rally at TSU

Trayvon Martin rally at TSU