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Dr. Warren Anderson

Dr. Warren Anderson, Professor - Plant and Soil Science
Ph.D. (1978), University of Illinois
M.S. (1974), University of Nebraska
B.S. (1971), University of Nebraska

111 Stark Agriculture Building
School of Agribusiness and Agriscience
Middle Tennessee State University
P.O. Box 5
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
(615) 898-2408

Coach for the Collegiate Soil Judging Team.
Advisor for B.S. in Environmental Science and Technology-Waste Management concentration.
Research interest: Undergraduate research projects in soil-plant relationships dealing with nitrogen, iron, and oxygen.

ABAS 3340 Soil. Three Credits. Physical, chemical, and biological properties. REQUIRED FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE MAJORS.

ABAS 3350 Soil Fertility and Fertilizer. Three credits. Prerequisite: ABAS 3340. Use of fertilizer and liming materials in soil-plant relationships. Lecture/lab.

ABAS 3370 Soil Analysis. Three credits. Prerequisite: ABAS 3340. Analysis of soils in laboratory. REQUIRED FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE MAJORS. Lecture/Lab.

ABAS 3630 Forestry. Three credits. Culture, conservation, management, and utilization of forest stands.

ABAS 3700 Agricultural Chemicals in Soil Environments. Three credits. Prerequisites: BIOL 1110, 1120, and CHEM 1010 plus lab and 1020 plus lab or approval of instructor. Characteristics, use, mode of action, degradation, and environmental impact of fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture; environmental safeguards imposed by federal and state regulations on chemical use.

ABAS 4340 Soil Formation and Remediation. Three credits. Prerequisite: ABAS 3340. The relation of climate, plant and animal life, geological formations, and land forms to soil genesis and remediation. Lecture/lab.

ABAS 4350 Soil Survey and Land Use. Three credits. Prerequisite: ABAS 3340 or approval of instructor. Soil properties used to determine suitability for land use. Lecture/lab.

ABAS 4370 Soil and Water Conservation. Three credits. Principles and practices of soil and water conservation in rural and urban environments. Lecture/lab.

ABAS 4390 Urban and Sports Turf Soils. Three credits. Prerequisite: ABAS 3340 or 4330. Describe, design, manage, and evaluate urban and sports turf soils

Dr. Anderson's class projects with rain gardens - Stones River Watershed Association; MWSD Stormwater

MTSU Conservation Plan - Students in ABAS 4370 (Soil and Water Conservation) for the Spring 2010 prepared this report on their conservation activities on campus. The report covers an area north of MTSU Blvd., east of Founders Lane, and west of Rutherford Blvd. Their work was funded by a Sustainable Campus Grant through Student Affairs.

The spring 2014 – ABAS 4370 (EXL)-Soil and Water Conservation- class experiential learning project was to develop a conservation plan next to the softball parking lot construction site on MTSU Blvd.  Their goals were to minimize soil and water runoff into the basin and estimate the cost of implementing their plan.

Urban & Sport Turf
Rutherford County Land Judging Contest

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