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Dr. Warren Gill, Professor of Animal Science and Director
Dr. Warren Anderson, Professor of Soil Science
Ms. Anne Brzezicki, Instructor, Horsemanship and Equitation
Dr. Jessica Carter, Associate Professor of Animal Science
Dr. Song Cui, Assistant Professor of Agronomy
Dr. Kevin Downs, Associate Professor of Poultry Science
Dr. Justin Gardner, Associate Professor of Agribusiness
Dr. John Haffner, Clinical Specialist in Equine Reproduction
Dr. Rhonda Hoffman, Professor of Horse Science
Dr. Tony Johnston, Professor of Agribusiness
Dr. Alanna Vaught, Instructor / Dual Credit Coordinator
Dr. Nate Phillips, Associate Professor of Horticulture
Mr. Matthew Wade, Farm Laboratories Director
Dr. S. Cliff Ricketts, Professor of Vocational-Technical Education
Dr. Holly Spooner, Clinical Specialist in Equine Health
Ms. Sarah Newton-Cromwell, Instructor of E.E.A.T
Dr. Kara Youngblood, Instructor, off-site agribusiness program coordinator