Physical Education

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The physical education program offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and specialized preparation for teachers, coaches and administrators. The undergraduate program prepares individuals for teaching positions in public and private elementary and secondary schools in Tennessee. A non-teaching option within the program provides opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing careers in Wellness and Fitness positions in the private sector. A Master's program further enhances individuals competencies for teaching at all levels. Another Master's program specifically prepares Wellness and Fitness instructors and directors. The Doctor of Arts program is the only such degree in physical education in the nation. It trains senior, community, and junior college teacher-scholars in physical education.

EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVE: Physical Education Teachers, Wellness and Fitness Instructors and Directors

DESCRIPTION OF HEALTH CAREER: Teaching at the elementary level, teaching and coaching at the junior high, senior high and collegiate levels; wellness and fitness instructors or directors in hospitals, industries and sports centers.

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: 4 year undergraduate; 30 (+thesis) or 32 (non-thesis) semester hours master of science program; 48-60 semester hours Ph.D. program in physical education

DEPARTMENT: Health and Human Performance

CONTACT: Dr. Don Shelar, Coordinator; Box 96 MTSU 615-898-2811

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