Aging Studies Program

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Aging Studies Program at Middle Tennessee State University is an interdisciplinary program of research and education focusing on aging and the elderly. Faculty from nursing, nutrition, speech, physical education, social work, psychology, and sociology conduct research and teach courses that provide students and aging professionals with the knowledge and expertise necessary to address the challenges posed by an aging population. The Aging Studies Program offers both an undergraduate Minor in Aging Studies and a graduate Certificate in Gerontology.

The minor in Aging Studies is designed for undergraduate students wishing to pursue careers in agencies and organizations that serve the older population. The minor is multidisciplinary and requires a minimum of 15 hours.

The graduate certificate program in Gerontology provides supplementary education in gerontology for students preparing for careers in a broad range of positions. The program is also designed to give those already working in the field of aging an opportunity to enrich existing skills and knowledge and to provide further opportunities for career advancement.

DESCRIPTION OF HEALTH CAREER: Business, social services, health care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, public health departments, senior citizen centers, civic organizations, home health agencies, and retirement centers.

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: 15 Credit Hours for Minor, 18 Credit Hours for Graduate Certificate

CONTACT: Dr. Jerius Brandon Wallace, 615-898-5976, or email

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