Human Development & Family Life

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: This program prepares students to work with individuals and families in a variety of settings. In their classes, students examine human growth and development over the lifespan and family dynamics from a holistic perspective. This includes, for example, the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development of individuals from conception through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. In addition, family focused coursework covers issues of parenting, intergenerational relationships, families and work, violence, and other challenges that families face in today’s rapidly changing society.

Program flexibility provides opportunities for students to pursue areas of special interest and careers working with individuals and families in need.

EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVE: Social Service Agencies, Day Care Programs, Hospital Child Care Programs, Child and/or Family Communications, Senior Citizen Services/Programs.

DESCRIPTION OF HEALTH CAREER: Social Agencies: case worker, administrator (agencies could include Department of Human Services, adoption agencies, crisis centers-child abuse/domestic violence, family planning agencies and clinics)

Day care: Caregiver, Administrator (child care and elder care)

Hospital Child Care Programs: Caregiver, Administrator, Evaluator of needs/services

Child and/or Family Communications: Consultant for business on child/family needs and programs

Senior Citizen Services/Programs: Coordinator of programs, Administrator, Evaluator of needs/services (agencies/sites could include senior citizen centers, social service agencies, hospitals)


DEPARTMENT: Human Sciences

CONTACT: Dr. Beth Emery; Box 86 MTSU 615-898-2468,

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