School Counseling

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The master of education in Professional Counseling, School Counseling concentration is designed to train counselors for work in either elementary or secondary schools.

Students must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be recommended to the State for a Pre-K-12 School counseling license.

EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVE: School Counselor (Pre-K through 12)

DESCRIPTION OF HEALTH CAREER: Counselors are employed by school systems and work in most cases in one or two schools. They provide individual and group counseling with children, consultation with parents and teachers, classroom guidance, and coordination of programs that are developmental in nature. They attempt to serve all children in the most expedient way and to help them facilitate and enhance their normal development. Emphasis is made on self esteem, self-concept, and decision-making skills designed to further the development of positive and healthy life-management skills.

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: Master of Education; 49 semester hours including a 100-hour practicum and two 300-hour school internships plus a written comprehensive exam.

DEPARTMENT: Psychology

CONTACT: Paul Foster, Director - Professional Counseling Programs; Box 87 615-898-2007

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