Nuclear Medicine Technology

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Students study for three years at MTSU and complete an accredited one-year program at the University of Tennessee Hospital in Knoxville or Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVE: Nuclear medicine technologist in medical centers, hospitals, independent imaging centers, clinical research, education, and administration.

DESCRIPTION OF HEALTH CAREER: Nuclear medicine technologists perform a number of tasks in the areas of patient care, technical skills, and administration. When caring for patients, they acquire adequate knowledge of the patients' medical histories to understand and relate to their illnesses and pending diagnostic procedures for therapy; instruct patients before and during procedures; evaluate the satisfactory preparation of patients before commencing a procedure; and recognize emergency patient conditions and initiate lifesaving first aid when appropriate. Technologists apply their knowledge of radiation physics and safety regulations to limit radiation exposure, prepare and administer radiopharmaceuticals, use radiation detection devices and other kinds of laboratory equipment that measure the quantity and distribution of radionuclides deposited in the patient or in a patient specimen, perform in vivo and in vitro diagnostic procedures, use quality control techniques as part of a quality assurance program covering all procedures and products in the laboratory, and participate in research activities.

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: Three (3) years at MTSU and one (1) year at an accredited Radiation Therapy Program.


CONTACT: Dr. M. Jo Edwards; Box 99 MTSU (615) 898-2905

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