University College Advising Center

What is an Academic Advisor? Glennen and Vowell (1995) define advisors as "student advocates whose primary function is to serve students and provide them with the best information to assist them in making academic decisions." Gordon (1992) describes the functions of academic advising as providing academic information (institutional regulations and procedures, etc.), academic counseling, career counseling, and addressing personal and social concerns.

Your Advisor will help you focus on class selection, but can also help you with much more. He/she can offer strategies to help you succeed in your classes, assist you with issues in your academic and personal life, and suggest options to help you meet your goals. In short, your Advisor can facilitate your entire experience at MTSU.

Listing of Undeclared Advisors, caseload last name letters, and email addresses

Undeclared Advising Center

Keathley University Center room 318

M-F 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

(615) 898-5209

The Advisors listed below advise all students who are listed as Undeclared Majors. Students are assigned to Advisors based on last name. Click on your Advisors name to learn more about them or click on their email address to send them a message.

Students with
Last Name
Advisor's Name Email Address
A - C
 Eric Miller
D-H Shelia Withers
I-P Dr. Carla Hatfield
Q-R Dr. Mark Templeton
S-Z Rebecca Garrett 


  Other UAC Staff 

Dr. Mark Templeton
Sarah Standridge



General information about College and Faculty Advisors

Academic assistance is also provided in each of the undergraduate colleges by College Advisors. The College Advisors are great resources for very specific major information. Students not fitting into our caseload (listed above) or not yet assigned to a Faculty Advisor, should seek advising from their College Advisor as listed below. 

College of Basic and Applied Sciences  

A - L Jennifer Danylo  Jones Hall 119 (615) 494-7874
M - Z Travis Tipton  Jones Hall 117 (615) 898-5087
  Susanna Wassom Keathley University Center 316 (615) 898-2672
Pre-Professional Jennifer Hendrix Keathley University Center 316 (615) 898-5465
 Aerospace Andrew Symonds  BAS S236 (615) 898-2055

Jones College of Business

The Jones College of Business Advising Office is located in BAS N219
Phone: (615) 898-2764

Paula Calahan
Abby Davis
Amie Donahue
Gretchen Leming
Brandie Nelson
Meredith Young

College of Education

June Adams (First Semester Transfer Students) COE 307 (615) 898-5153
Jim Rost (Transfer and Re-Enrolling Students) COE 315 (615) 898-5481
Danielle Stefanski (Pre-Candidacy Freshman) COE 313 (615) 494-8969

College of Behavioral and Health Sciences

Helen Gleason (Nursing) CKNB 247B (615) 494-8791
Joan Howell (RN/LPN to BSN) CKNB 224 (615) 898-5252
Brelinda Johnson CKNB N251 (615) 898-5086
 Melissa Towe (Pre Nursing)   CKNB 218  

College of Liberal Arts

A - L  Sonja Burk Todd 221-A (615) 898-5089
M - Z Dr. Lucy Langworthy Todd 221-B (615) 494-7785
  Jeanne' Hoechst  TODD 223  
  Keri Carter TODD 223 (615) 904-8567

College of Mass Communication

Pre Candidacy M-Z Gia Jones COMM 233 (615) 494-7711
Pre Candidacy A-L Nancy Stubblefield COE 342 (615) 494-7710
EMC & JOUR Majors Hattie Traylor COMM 238-A (615) 898-5668
  Lucille Wilcox COE 344 (615) 898-5499
 RIM Majors Olivia Young COMM 238-B (615) 898-5945

Honors College

Laura Clippard (Sophomores and Transfers) Honors 227 (615) 898-5464
April Goers (Freshmen) Honors 228 (615) 494-7767 

University College (RODP Majors & University Studies)

A - G Matt Hannah 855 W. College Street (615) 898-3593
 H - M Megan Russell 855 W. College Street (615) 898-5200
 N - Z Byron Lightsy 855 W. College Street (615) 904-8398
 PLA Students Rebecca Richey 855 W. College Street (615) 898-5230


Once you complete all pre-major requirements, you will be assigned a faculty advisor. This faculty member will work with you in your major to make sure you are on track with course selection, specific major requirements, and additional opportunities. Be sure to utilize your advisor to the fullest; they can help you make the most of your time at MTSU.