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GPA Calculator & Target GPA

This calculator can be used to predict your cumulative GPA or it can tell you the grades you need to earn to reach a specific goal. To calculate your semester GPA enter your grades and credit hours. Calculating your cumulative GPA requires you to know your earned hours and total quality points. If you do not know this information, contact your academic advisor for assistance (you can also access this information by viewing your "Unofficial Transcript" on PipelineMT). Check the repeat box if your are replacing a failing grade with a second attempt. Click on the "Target GPA" button to to view all possible outcomes of your GPA. All of the predicted GPA's are based on three credit classes. This calculator is only to be used as a guide it can not tell you if you will be awarded a scholarship. Please read the text below for further details.

1) If you are replacing a passing grade do not check the "repeat" box. Subtract the appropriate number or hours and points from the entered totals.

2) Remember, the target GPA is based on 3 credit classes -- don't forget to change the "number of classes" field if needed.

3) This calculator is still under development. Do not make academic decisions based on the results of this calculator without consulting your advisor.