University College Advising Center


Beginning April 7th through April 18th all currently enrolled students have the opportunity to register for Summer and Fall 2014 classes.  We call this priority registration because you get priority over any new students who are just starting at MTSU for the first time. Unsure where to start? Below are some tips and tricks to help you get registered.
1. Meet with your Academic Advisor - ALL FIRST YEAR STUDENTS and many other students are required to meet with an advisor before they can register for classes. If you wait until your registration date, your advisor may not have an appointment available for several days. Meeting with an advisor is a crucial part of your academic success. Advisors like to check in with you to see how you are progressing in your current courses and to help you plan out which courses to take for the upcoming semester. If you do not know who your advisor is, you can log on to your RaiderNet account to get the name and contact information for your advisor. Click here for more help on how to schedule your advising appointment.
2. View Account Holds - You may have a hold on your account preventing you from registering. These holds are placed for various reasons and it is important that you know what these holds are and how to get them cleared prior to your registration date. You can check your holds via your RaiderNet account for more information regarding each hold. If you are a first year student your advisor will place a hold on your account that requires you to come in for advising before you can register. Please note that advising holds will not show up on RaiderNet until March 29th. You may also have a hold placed on your account due to an outstanding account balance (such as parking tickets or charges from Health Services). Clear your holds as soon as possible because waiting until the last minute may delay your registration.
3. View your Registration Date & Time - Though Priority Registration is two weeks long, you will have a specific date and time when you can can begin registering for classes. Think of it as a window. At a certain point your window to register will open and remain open until classes start. This date and time is based on how many earned hours you have prior to this semester. You can log on to your RaiderNet account to see when your assigned registration time will be. Often students think they must register at that time specifically, but that is not the case. The date and time listed is the earliest you can register and registration is open to you from that point forward. Do not be tempted to skip a class if your registration window opens during class time. We suggest you plan your schedule ahead of time and register as soon as your class ends. In contrast, DO NOT put off registering for several weeks. Waiting several weeks could prevent you from getting the courses you need most!
4. Be prepared and on time for your appointment - Priority Registration is a very busy time, particularly for the advisors. Coming to your advising appointment prepared with a list of courses you are interested in and questions you may have will help make the process run smoother!