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Juror Statement

It was a real honor to have the opportunity to serve as juror for the 2013 "Shoebox" show at Middle Tennessee State University.

Shoebox shows rarely fail to provide the element of surprise and this exhibition was loaded in that regard.  Just about every subject was addressed.... sex, politics, war, guns, farming and bad habits were among the entertaining fetishes.  The range of media was equally impressive.

In the last few years I have juried several shows and fellowship competitions.  On occasion I left the adjudication process wondering what in the world are some of these artists thinking.   That was not the case this time.  There was plenty of good work in this show so I left this task with renewed hope.

Michael Aurbach


With working artists and academics represented from across the United States, Australia, and Europe including France and Sweden, Shoebox is comprised of sculptural renderings that were required to fit initially in a shoebox of each artist’s choice. The resulting variety of box sizes ranged from baby shoes to larger boxes made for athletic shoes and boots. The artworks now out of their box are as varied and lay testament to the talents of today’s brand of contemporary artists.

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