Art Degree Programs

Degree Programs


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design is designed for those who wish to work professionally as graphic designers and/or wish to pursue a graduate degree, Masters of Fine Arts, MFA. A degree in Graphic Design includes a candidacy program based on successful completion of certain required classes with specific minimum grade point expectations and performance for retention, see current catalog for specifics. The degree requires completion of 79 semester hours, including the following:

ART 1610 - Two-Dimensional Design
ART 1620 - Drawing I
ART 1630 - Three-Dimensional Design
ART 1640 - Drawing II
ART 1920 - Survey of Western Art I
ART 1930 - Survey of Western Art II 

A graphic design emphasis of 21 hours consisting of the following taken in sequence:
ART 2310 - Graphic Design Technologies
ART 2325 - Typographic Design*
ART 3325 - Word and Image*
ART 3330 - Portfolio I
ART 4310 - Portfolio 2
ART 4320 - Senior Project
ART 4330 - Internship
*after completing these classes a successful Porfolio Review is required to advance to next class

6 hours of upper-division art history

16 hours of graphic design electives: one 3 hour course from five of the following areas:

  • Art 3100 - In-house Design
  • Interactive Design: ART 3930 Interactive Design I, 4390 Interactive Design II,
    or 4400 Interactive Design III
  • Books Arts: ART 3550 Book Arts I or 3770 Letterpress I
  • Illustration: ART 4280 Digital Illustration or 4290 Beginning Illustration
  • Photography: PHOT 2050 Black and White Photography or PHOT 3200 Still Digital Imaging
  • Computer Assisted Art: ART 3610 Intro to Computer-Assisted Art or 3620 Intermediate Computer-Assisted Art

9 hours of studio electives: three 3 hour courses from the following areas:
ART 2130 - Silkscreen or ART 3140 - Etching/Intaglio
ART 2510 - Sculpture
ART 3650 - Figure Drawing or ART 2620 - Color Drawing ART 2710 - Painting
ART 2810 - Throwing or ART 3820 - Handbuilding

Art Cognate: three courses from one of the following areas:
Book Arts
Interactive Design

A senior exhibition of student work and a professional portfolio, which must be reviewed by members of the faculty, is also required.

Please see the Undergraduate Catalogue for course descriptions.