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Art Degree Programs

Degree Programs


Bachelor of Science in Art Education

The Bachelor of Science program in Art Education is designed for those who wish to teach in public schools. All students pursuing a major in Art Education are required to complete the General Studies requirements as specified by the department and as required for certification. Students should consult with their advisors each semester in order to plan their schedule of courses.

The major in Art Education requires the completion of 62 semester hours in the Art Department:

ART 1610 - Two-Dimensional Design
ART 1620 - Drawing I
ART 1630 - Three-Dimensional Design
ART 1640 - Drawing II
ART 2200 - Introduction to Art Education
ART 2510 - Sculpture I
ART 2710 - Painting I
ART 3210 - Elementary Art Education Methods
ART 3220 - Secondary Art Education Methods
ART 3230 - Art Practicum
ART 3240 - Curriculum Design for Aesthetics and Art Criticism in Art Education
ART 1910 - Art History Survey I
ART 1920 - Art History Survey II
ART 1930 - Art History Survey III
ART 3940 - Art History Methods or PHIL 4100
Art History Upper Division - 3 hours

14 hours from:

ART 2130 - Silkscreen, ART 3140 - Etching and Intaglio;
ART 2810 - Throwing, ART 3820 - Handbuilding;
ART 3550 - Book Arts I, ART 3520 - Sculpture II, ART 3720 - Painting II or ART 4000 - Workshop. Students may combine the squence with Sculpture and Painting courses listed above.

Students majoring in Art Education minor in Secondary Education. 21 hours.

FOED 1110 - Education as a Profession
FOED 2110 - Educational Psychology
SPED 3010 - Survey of the Exceptional Child
SPSE 3220 - Technology in Teaching
YOED 3500 - Instructional Design for Critical Thinking
YOED 4000 - Managing the Classroom for Instruction
YOED 4110 - Directed Teaching, Grades 7-12

Please see the Undergraduate Catalogue for course descriptions