Art Department Slide Library

Slide Collection

The slide collection illustrates the history of art and architecture from the Prehistoric era to the Contemporary period.

CLASSIFICATION: Slides are arranged by the country the artist is from, then alphabetically. Once you have located a particular artist. Their works are arranged by medium then by date. If you are looking for Monet's Impression Sunrise. You would look under France, M, Painting, then 1863.

ARCHITECTURE: Architecture is usually classified by the architect, however architecture is sometimes classified by the location of the building. These examples are found at the beginning of each country and are arranged alphabetically by city.

ANONYMOUS WORKS: These works are classified by the country of origin and found at the beginning of the country section.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: The visual resources center has special collections of Non-Western Art, Commerical art and Didactic slides that have unique classification systems.

If have any difficulty locating a slide please contact the curator for assistance.

CIRCULATION POLICIES: Art Faculty have no limits on the amount of slides or the amount of time to use the slides. Ideally, art faculty are expected to return slides promptly. Other faculty have no limits on the amount of slides but must return them within five working days. Ideally, they are expected to return slides promptly. Art students may check out up to 100 slides and must return them within two working days. If you need more time or slides, please disscuss possible acceptions with the curator.

REQUESTING SLIDES: This facility makes slides only for Art faculty members. Please allow three weeks for processing. The visual strongly suggests that Art faculty members consider a digital format instead of slides.