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Art Raiders Digital Image Database allows an art professor or art student to search for digital images specifically created to reflect the content of an art class.

PASSWORD: ArtRaidersDID is password protected. Art faculty will be assigned a new password each fall. Art students will be assigned a password as needed for their classwork. If an art student would like access for research, they may request a password from the curator. MTSU non-Art faculty may request a password from the curator.

HOW TO: Once you have logged into the system. You can proceed to the search or browse function. In the search link, you can search by a specific field or by a keyword for all fields. In the Browse feature, you can also browse by a specific field.

At this time, Art faculty are encouraged to use this application for retrieval and storage only. Other presentation applications such as Powerpoint or WebCT are supported by ITD thus allowing for use of MasterClassroom and Helpdesk support.

MORE INFO: The database provides 3000x3000 images, 600x800 images, ...images. Cataloging for each image also includes data such as: artist, title, date, material, museum, culture, region, headings, style, period, worktype Users may search specifically through each field or more generally with keywords.

The Department of Art's digital database was created from the MDID application developed at James Madison University. This application allows an art instructor to search for digital images, store their own digital images, create classroom presentations, and set aside images for student study.

General information about MDID is available at