Athletic Training

Program Progression & Retention Policy

Once a student has been accepted into the program the student will be given a program of study and will progress through a sequence of formal academic and clinical experiences.

Progression requirements include:

  • maintenance of a 2.5 minimum overall grade point average
  • ATHT 3000-3001-3002 and 3003 grade of B- or better
  • completion of required clinical proficiencies
  • completion of ATHT coursework with grade of B- or better
  • grade of C- or better in related course work (i.e., kinesiology, exercise physiology)
  • yearly membership in NATA (National Athletic Trainers Association)
  • maintenance of Professional Rescuer Certification
  • attendance at yearly HBV/OSHA seminar
  • compliance with NATA code of ethics
  • completion of HBV immunization series
  • purchase of student insurance

Probation Status

Failure to meet one or more of the progressive criteria results in program probation.

Failure in meeting the 2.5 overall grade point average, automatically places the student on academic probation for one semester. If the student fails to re-establish the GPA to 2.5 after a semester, the student may be dismissed from the program. The athletic training education program committee will handle each case on an individual basis. Once a student is placed on academic probation the student is closely monitored by the program director.

ATHT coursework classes must be retaken the next semester it is offered until a B- grade or better is earned. Students will be allowed to progress on probationary status. If the student fails to meet a B- in the clinical courses, reapplication will be necessary.