Athletic Training

MTSU Weight Room Facility

It seems everytime you turn around these days at Middle Tennessee, something new is popping up. The latest addition is the athletic programs 10,000-plus square foot weight room, which is located adjacent to the north end zone of Floyd Stadium. The weight room has been lauded by many people as better than any in the immediate area, including SEC and Conference USA schools.

"This is one of the nicest weight rooms in the country,"; athletic director Lee Fowler said. "Our athletes will now have a better opportunity to improve their strength, stamina and overall play with this state-of-the-art facility.";

20,714½ pounds of plates and dumbbells greet student-athletes upon their entrance into the facility, but the sheer volume of weights is not the most impressive aspect of the room. It is equipped with nine Wynmor power racks, nine Wynmor platforms, and nine York half-racks. The equipment list continues to grow from there. Hammer Strength equipment rounds out the room with five ground-base jammers, a dead lift, a leg press, a leg curl, and a leg extension. Other Hammer Strength equipment in the facility includes a bench press, a military press, a row machine, neck machine, pull-up, and pull-over.

An impressive array of dumbbells is also provided for the student-athletes' use. Two sets each of dumbbells ranging from five to 150 pounds are kept on racks around the room. Mirrors ring the walls of the room to help student-athletes ensure that they are using proper form throughout their workouts. Cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills and stationary bikes are also available for use in the facility.

Fringe benefits may also be found in the weight room. A television with cable and a state-of-the-art sound system has been installed for the enjoyment of the student-athletes. Two offices for the strength coaches are located in the room, along with restrooms and a small hospitality area. The weight room also provides direct access to the football stadium and a large meeting room. The meeting room is used not only by the Blue Raider football team on game days and for film breakdown, but press conferences, HPERS classes, and other functions are held in this space. The meeting room is fully equipped with high tech audiovisual equipment to enhance the learning of students using the space.

This newest addition to the Blue Raider athletic facilities is the crown jewel for all Middle Tennessee athletes. Each team is preparing to take full advantage of the weight room beginning this summer.