Department of Biology

Dr. J. Brian RobertsonROBERTSON
Assistant Professor

Phone:  615-898-2066
Fax:      615-898-2053
Office Location:
SCI 2053
Box 60
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

B.S. (Biology) Murray State University, 1996
M.S. (Molecular Biology) Murray State University, 2000
Ph.D. (Chronobiology) Vanderbilt University, 2005-2009
Postdoc - (Laboratory-directed evolution) Vanderbilt University, 2009-2011

RESEARCH INTERESTS: bioluminescence, microbial time keeping, and biotechnology.
I am interested in the mechanisms microbes use to tell time. To monitor biological rhythms in microbes, I transfer the "glow-in-the-dark" genes from fireflies and other bioluminescent organisms into the microbes so that their glow reveals their underlying rhythmic genetic regulation.

Topics and Techniques in my lab:
Microbiology (non-pathogenic)
Biotechnology / Industrial Applications / Technology Development
Circadian Rhythms / Biological Clocks
Microbial Metabolism (respiration, fermentation)
Genetic Engineering / Transgenic Manipulations
Laboratory-Directed Evolution of Enzymes

Robertson JB
and Johnson CH. (2011) Luminescence as a Continuous Real-Time Reporter of Promoter Activity in Yeast Undergoing Respiratory Oscillations or Cell Division Rhythms. Methods in Molecular Biology. 734: 63-79, Humana Press.

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Robertson JB, Zhu T, Nasreen S, Kilkenny D, Bader D, Dees E. (2008). CMF1-Rb interaction promotes myogenesis in avian skeletal myoblasts. Developmental Dynamics. 237: 1424-33.

Dees E, Robertson JB, Zhu T, and Bader D. (2006). Specific deletion of CMF1 nuclear localization domain causes incomplete cell cycle withdrawal and impaired differentiation in avian skeletal myoblasts. Experimental Cell Research; 312(16): 3000-14.

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Zimmerer EJ, Carneal J, Robertson JB, Ozturk M, Cardiff S, Luo M. (2000). Genome organization and phylogenetic distribution of a novel family of ancient murine endogenous proviruses with evidence for transposition-mediated proliferation. Biochemical Genetics; 38(7-8):253-65