Department of Biology

Graduate Programs & Information

Information for Biology graduate students and teaching assistants includes:

Revised admission requirements for the Department of Biology MS degree program. These requirements will be effective for students applying for the spring 2011 semester and thereafter.

Graduate Studies in Biology: Student Guide
Graduate Studies in Biology is a departmental publication designed to supplement the MTSU Graduate Catalog. Although it repeats some information found in the Catalog, it contains many details of importance that are not found elsewhere. Graduate students and teaching assistants should be familiar with the contents of this booklet and abide by the advice and guidelines given. Further information may be obtained form the MTSU College of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Deadlines 2014-2015

Graduate Advising
All degree-seeking students enrolled in the Department
of Biology are expected to meet with the Graduate Advisor/Coordinator for purposes of arranging class schedules. Normally, a conference should be arranged one or more weeks in advance of the semester or summer term in which the student expects to enroll. Individuals who live a considerable distance from campus, and for whom this requirement is more than an inconvenience, should make special arrangements by mail or phone. Courses taken without appropriate approval may not count toward a degree. For more advising information, please see Graduate Studies in Biology.
Graduate Advisors/Coordinators

Vincent Cobb, Ph.D
Professor of Biology
MTSU Box 60
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Phone:  (615) 898-2059 

George Benz, Ph.D
Professor of Biology
MTSU Box 60
Murfreesboro, TN  37132
Phone:  (615) 898-5021

Graduate Faculty
The Biology Graduate Faculty, their institution of terminal degree, and their research and/or teaching specialties.

Graduate Programs Offered
Master of Science (MS)
Master of Science in Professional Science (MSPS)

Graduate Curriculum
Listing of the current graduate course offerings in biology, the term in which each course is usually offered, and the specialty areas to which each course may be applied, if any.

Theses from the Department of Biology are available for reading at the Walker Library.

Graduate Teaching Assistants
Teaching assistantships are available to students who show academic promise and potential as effective students. To apply for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship or learn more about the program, contact Dr. Vincent Cobb at 615-898-2059. Applications are available online or in the Biology Department Office. Further information may be obtained from the MTSU College of Graduate Studies.