Department of Biology

Undergraduate Programs & Information

Information for undergraduate students obtaining a major or minor in Biology includes:

  • Undergraduate Studies in Biology: Student Guide
    Undergraduate Studies in Biology is a departmental publication designed to supplement the MTSU Undergraduate Catalog. Although it repeats some information found in the Catalog, it contains many details of importance that are not found elsewhere. Undergraduate students pursuing a major or minor in Biology should be familiar with the contents of this booklet and abide by the advice and guidelines given. Note: This booklet IS NOT a replacement for an advisor.

  • Undergraduate Advising
    Every undergraduate student is assigned a faculty advisor who assists with graduation requirements, major and minor requirements, options for electives, career plans, and problems or questions. Meet with your advisor and read the advising section in the Undergraduate Studies in Biology.
  • The Biology Major
    The core and elective courses and requirements needed to major in Biology at MTSU.
  • The Biology Minor
    The courses and requirements needed to minor in Biology at MTSU.
  • Teacher Licensure
    Students seeking a license to teach in secondary schools (grade 7-12) must complete (1) a major in the subject they intend to teach, (2) a minor in Secondary Education, and (3) additional teacher licensure requirements.
    Students must contact their Secondary Education minor advisors for approval of appropriate courses.
  • Undergraduate Courses in Biology
    A listing of undergraduate biology courses. Also see the Honors College for information on Honors Biology Courses.