Jones College of Business Skype Advising

The Jones College of Business offers advising appointments via Skype. This service is free and offers instant video and messaging capabilities from anywhere you have an internet connection. Skype is ideal for students who are unavailable for on-campus advising appointments or are not on campus during the university's normal working hours.

Since Skype advising is online, these sessions are convenient and provide students with more flexibility to be advised. Abby Davis specializes in online and distance advising.

To schedule an online Skype advising appointment, please complete the following steps

  1. Make sure you have a webcam
  2. Download Skype for free at and create an account
  3. Add AbbyDavis422 to your Contacts
  4. Schedule your Skype appointment by calling the advising center at 615-904-8063
  5. Video call at your scheduled appointment time

Be aware that there are a limited number of online appointments each week, so please schedule your appointment at least one week before your desired time

Tips to help make your online advising experience a success

  • Quality of Skype calls greatly depend on your internet connection. To yield better results, it is best to use a wired connection
  • Download and install the latest version of Skype
  • Close other programs: Running a number of programs at the same time can make Skype slower
  • Check to make sure your webcam, microphone, and speakers are working properly
  • For an easier conversation, find a quiet place. It is difficult to talk in a place where there are a lot of distractions
  • If you are new to Skype, practice with a friend before your appointment
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To log in, use your MTMail full email address and password.
Instructions & Guidelines for Appointment Scheduling