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Admission to Jones College
If I am a business major, what courses can I take before I am admitted to Jones College?
You may take all general education requirements, business core requirements (except BUAD 4980), any lower division business course (1000/2000 level) and any non-business elective. You must meet any required prerequisites.

I'm not seeking a degree; I just want to take business courses. Am I eligible to take 3000/4000 level business courses?
Yes, as long as you are classified as an Adult Special Student or a Transient Student. Adult special students can complete a maximum of 16 hours and then must apply for degree-seeking classification to continue to enroll at MTSU. Transient students must apply for degree-seeking classification if they wish to take more than one semester of courses at MTSU. At the point a student is a degree-seeking student, they must meet Jones College of Business Admission requirements. You will need permission to take these courses and should call our office for more information: 615-904-8063.

What are my options if I am denied admission to Jones College?
You can repeat courses to meet GPA requirements needed for admission or you should consider changing to a non-business degree program. There is an appeals process for extreme and unusual cases. You may also schedule an appointment with one of the Jones College Undergraduate Advisors to discuss your options.

Admission policy for Jones College of Business
Application to Major in Jones College of Business

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Who is my academic advisor?
Each student with a business major is assigned a professional academic advisor in PipelineMT. You may view your assigned primary advisor in RaiderNet via PipelineMT by selecting the Student tab, select Registration, select the current term and submit. Click Assigned Advisor(s). You may also see an assigned faculty advisor. You are encouraged to meet with your faculty advisor to discuss career and graduate school information. Students seeking minor advising for any of the Jones College minors may visit the Jones College Advising Center in BAS N233 to set up an appointment. 

I don't have an assigned advisor, what should I do?
Advisors are assigned once students are enrolled in classes and are listed as one of our business majors in PipelineMT/RaiderNet.  Please call 615-904-8063 to schedule an advising appointment with one of our advisors. Our secretary will schedule you with the best advisor to meet your particular needs.

Do I have to meet with an advisor before I register for classes?
The following students are required to meet with an advisor before registering for classes: first time freshmen and transfer students, students with prescribed coursework, students on probation and students with under 30 credit hours. Transfer students who are not yet admitted to the Jones College and who have a GPA below a 2.6 are also required to see an advisor before registration. All other students are encouraged to meet with an advisor before registration, but it is not required. First time freshmen and transfer students usually meet with an advisor during CUSTOMS or Transfer CUSTOMS, MTSU's orientation program.

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Careers, Internships and Graduate School
I want to complete an advanced degree at MTSU. When do I apply for admission to a graduate program?
This information is provided on MTSU's College of Graduate Studies Web site.

Advanced business degrees at MTSU

Career Development Center and Lightning JobSource
Career Development Center Resources
MTSU Career Outcomes and Salary Data of MTSU Graduates

Accounting Internships
Computer Information Systems Internships
Entrepreneurship Intern Program
Department of Management & Marketing Internship Opportunities

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Education Abroad
I am a current student at MTSU and would like to take classes abroad, how do I get pre-approval to take these classes?
Students are encouraged to go to the MTSU Office of Education Abroad to discuss  the process for studying abroad. This process includes many steps so students are advised to start this process early. At the time students are ready to choose courses, they need to meet with the department chair of their major for approval. Students should bring required paperwork obtained from the MTSU Office of Education Abroad and any available course descriptions to the appointment.

What kinds of study abroad opportunities are available to me as a business student?
Types of study abroad opportunities include MTSU Faculty-Led programs, Consortia, Program Providers, and Exchange Programs. Please contact the department of your major or the MTSU Office of Education Abroad.

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Financial Aid, Scholarships and Awards
When should I apply for Financial Aid (FASFA)?
Students should complete the FASFA as soon after January 1 as possible. Some aid programs are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and an early application receives first consideration.

What happens if I do not receive my financial aid by the fee payment deadline?
If financial aid is not received by the fee payment deadline, students will be required to pay using other means until their financial aid is processed. Once students are awarded their financial aid, they are typically given a refund that is sent to their Direct Deposit account. If students do not participate in a deferred payment plan, their classes are dropped at this time.

What scholarships are available?
Scholarships are available for incoming freshman, transfer students, and current MTSU students. Students may apply online for scholarships by going to the MTSU Financial Aid Web site. The deadline for the majority of these scholarships is February 15.

List of scholarships and awards for Jones College of Business Students

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Application to Major in the Jones College of Business
Application to take courses in Jones College of Business (minor form)
Change of Major
Drop/Add Form
Intent to Graduate Form
Overload Request Form
Request to Repeat Courses
Upper Division Form

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Will I be able to take business courses during my first semester at MTSU?
As a first semester freshman, you will be concentrating on your General Education courses. ECON 2410 is both part of the Social and Behavioral Science Area of General Education and required for all business majors and can be taken during your first semester as long as you are not required to take prescribed courses.

When will I register for my classes?
If it is your first semester at MTSU, you will register at orientation, called CUSTOMS. After that first semester, always check the Academic Calendar for what is called Early or Priority Registration. Emails are also sent as reminders to your MTSU email address and once registration times are assigned, you can check your PipelineMT account.  As a current student, in general, the earliest you can register for Summer and Fall semesters is in April and for the Spring semester, the earliest time is November.

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How many classes do I have left until I graduate?
First, students may access the Degree Evaluation in RaiderNet to see what courses are needed to complete their degree. Students may also model other degree plans by selecting a What If Analysis. Second, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to review remaining courses for their degree.

What do I need to do to start the graduation process?
Two semesters before your graduation term you must meet with your advisor to get your signed Application to Upper-Division form. You will then fill out an Intent to Graduate Form and submit them to the Graduation Analyst for the Jones College of Business in BAS N234. Those students pursuing the BS in Economics will submit their documents to the Graduation Analyst for the College of Liberal Arts in TODD 231.

If I am seeking a Dual Degree do I submit two Applications to Upper Division?
Yes. Business students graduating with a B.B.A. degree must complete the 120 hours required for the first degree plus the additional hours required for the second major. A student may elect to obtain a dual degree for graduation by meeting the following requirements:

1. The degree sought must be different degree types (for example, B.B.A. and B.S.)
2. Satisfy the general requirements as prescribed by the University and the specific requirements set forth for each major and for the degree sought.
3. Two properly approved upper-division forms must be filed, one for each major.
4. In the case of a major requiring two minors, the second major may count toward the fulfillment of one minor provided it meets the requirements of the particular degree. In the case of a major which requires only one minor, the second major may count as the required minor.  See your academic advisor/s for official confirmation

What happens after I file the Application to Upper Division Form and the Intent to Graduate Form?
The Graduation Analyst checks the form for completeness and accuracy and verifies your eligibility for admission to upper division status. The form should be used as a guide to completing requirements for the business degree to which it applies. Upon review and acceptance by the Graduation Analyst, the form becomes your official plan for completing graduation requirements.

What if I want to change my graduation date?
If the anticipated graduation is the only information included on the form that has changed, call the Graduation Analyst at (615) 898-2153 and give the new graduation date.

I heard I have to take two exams before I can graduate, what are they?
All MTSU undergraduate students are required to take the Major Field Test as a prerequisite to graduation. Current Major Field Test information is available at Testing Services.  There is a separate General Education exam that is administered by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research. Depending on the semester, one or both of these exams may be required. Please check with each office for more detail. You will take the exams in the semester in which you are graduating.  The results of these exams will not impact your graduation.  There is a fee for any make-up exam.

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International Students
I am an international student and I have credit from my home institution, how do I get my credit evaluated?
Credits will be evaluated by the Admissions Office but often times it is only equated to elective credit and not specific courses. For this reason, a professional evaluation by an agency like WES has its advantages. This type of evaluation will help to maximize the amount of credit your advisor may utilize for your degree program. Many employers also require an evaluation for hiring purposes.

Credential Evaluations
Undergraduate International Admissions

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Business Majors and Minors
Am I allowed to double major or double minor in Jones College?
No, you may not double major or double minor in the Jones College of Business. If, however you wish to have two business majors, you must complete all requirements for one major and graduate. After graduating, you may re-enroll as a second-degree seeking student and complete necessary requirements for your second business major. You must have at least 15 credit hours between degrees. You can only have one business minor.

Can I choose a business minor other than the one that comes with my business major?
Yes, but you should speak with an advisor about the process for choosing a different business minor before you start taking courses. Changing your business minor most likely will result in taking courses beyond the 120 hours required for graduation and may impact financial aid. You may choose a second minor as long as it is outside the Jones College of Business. If you are Business Education - Teaching, you must have Secondary Education as your minor; it is the piece of the degree that meets teacher certification requirements.

Business Degree Programs (Majors)
Minors for Non-Business Majors

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Online Courses
Can I complete my business degree completely on-line?
Many courses in each business degree plan can be completed through some type of distance learning: MTSU online, hybrid, correspondence, video-conferencing and ROCC (Regents Online Campus Collaborative) courses; however, all of the majors in the Jones College of Business require some portion of its courses to be completed on campus. We do offer three majors in the hybrid degree program.

What are the hybrid degree plans Jones College offers?
The BBA hybrid degree program is offered in three majors: Office Management, Management and Marketing. These programs combine traditional on-campus learning with online learning.  Please contact the Business Communication and Entrepreneurship Department if you are interested in Office Management and contact the Department of Management and Marketing if you are interested in either Management or Marketing.

What is an ROCC course and how do I register for one?
An ROCC course is a course offered through the Regents Online Campus Collaborative. They are offered entirely online in an asynchronous 24/7 format and transferable among all participating institutions. As a Jones College student you can still take ROCC courses; however, a permit is required to register for these courses (see form below).

Do ROCC courses count towards my business degree?
Not always. This is why you must fill out the override request form below to get a permit. An advisor will review your request and let you know if these courses will count towards your degree. The equivalency chart below will let you know how ROCC courses equate to our courses.

ROCC Override Request Form

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Registration and Courses
What is a registration hold?
A registration hold is something that will prevent a student from registering for courses. Students should be checking their holds on a regular basis to ensure they have enough time to remove holds before registration begins.The most common registration holds are required advising holds and Business Office holds. To remove a required advising hold, meet with your faculty or college advisor. To remove a Business Office hold, pay the bill that is due. 

How do I check to see if I have any holds on my PipelineMT/RaiderNet account?
Login to your PipelineMT account and choose the RaiderNet tab.  Select the Student tab.  Click the Student Records link and then the Hold link.  The following information will be listed: Name of the hold/Office that entered the hold/Hold type (registration/transcript/etc.) To remove the hold, contact the office that entered the hold on your account.
If I registered for classes and I add a class to my schedule after the first day of classes, will I be charged a late fee?
No, only students who are not registered for any course(s) and register on or after the first day of classes will be charged the late fee.

How can I pay my fees?
Link to payment information.

How do I register for more than 18 hours?
You can fill out a Request for Overload form. Filling out this form does not guarantee that you will receive the overload. Students should determine their semester course loads after careful consideration of time commitment outside the classroom.

How do I get into a closed course?
Permission to register for a closed course may be granted by the chair of the department offering the course. Closed courses may have reached the room maximum capacity requirement in which case the chair cannot grant permission to register without risking violation of state fire code limits.

When am I eligible to take upper-division business courses (3000-4000 level)?
When you reach junior level status upon the completion of 60 semester hours and have completed specific prerequisite requirements for individual upper-division courses. Courses in the business core can be taken without admission into Jones College but you must be admitted to take upper-division courses in your major. Non-business majors who wish to take business courses should contact our office for more information: 615-904-8063.

What do I do when I keep getting a prerequisite error when I register?
Courses have prerequisite information entered into the online registration system to help students avoid registering for courses in which prerequisites have not been met or for which they are not eligible. Please note that manual substitutions are not recognized in the registration system for meeting prerequisite requirements. If you have had a prerequisite course substituted, please contact our office for an override: 615-904-8063

What is a prerequisite and how can I find out what they are?
Prerequisites are requirements that must be completed before taking the course in question. Class prerequisite requirements are shown in the course description sections of the catalog or by clicking on the course title after you have clicked on the five digit CRN (course reference number) in PipelineMT/RaiderNet. Note that all upper-division major specific courses for business majors require admission into Jones College.

How do I confirm my registration so my classes aren't dropped?
After registering for your courses you must confirm that you will attend MTSU by the date determined for each registration term. Dates and deadlines can be found in MTSU's Registration Guides. You will confirm your attendance within the Student tab in your PipelineMT/RaiderNet account. Select Confirm Enrollment and select your Term. To confirm click "Yes, I will attend during ____ Term 20XX". Wait for a confirmation number and record it.  If you do not get a number, you have a balance due and you will need to pay or contact the Financial Aid Office via the MT One Stop.

How do summer classes work?
Summer courses are taken during a number of different terms between the months of May and August. Some terms do overlap. If you are trying to take courses in different terms in the summer where one is a prerequisite for the other, then you will need a permit (Summer registration terms do not read previous sessions). For example, if you want to take MATH 1630 in the May Term and want to take QM 2610 in the June Term, you will need a permit. Call our advising office for more information: 615-898-2764. You must be registered for the prerequisite before you call for the permit. The courses cannot overlap summer terms. Registration for summer courses takes place during the same time as registration for your fall courses. You can register for up to a total of 18 hours for the entire summer.

Do MATH 1010, MATH 1710 AND UNIV 1010 count towards my degree?
These courses may count as non-business electives.

Can I take MATH 1710 instead of MATH 1630?
No. MATH 1710 is the suggested prerequisite to MATH 1630.

Do I have to make a C or better in all of my business courses?
Some courses offered in the Jones College of Business require minimum grades in order to progress in the program. See the course descriptions in the catalog for these prerequisite grade requirements. All Accounting majors must have a C (2.00) or better in all ACTG courses. Some Finance programs require a C (2.00) in FIN 3010 and ECON 3210.

If I fail a course and retake it, is the F removed from my transcript?
The first time you repeat a course, the F is removed from your GPA but not your transcript. Whatever grade you make during the next attempt will replace the grade from the first attempt, even if that grade is the same or worse. If you repeat a course more than once, the hours for each additional attempt will be added to the total hours used in calculating the cumulative GPA only.

Are there other ways to receive academic credit besides taking classes?
Yes, MTSU accepts CLEP, AP, IB, DANTES (DSST)* and military service credits . Certain departments in the Jones College of Business also provide Challenge Exams; see the Student Handbook. The Jones College does not calculate work experience into academic credit. *Due to accreditation requirements, the Jennings A. Jones College of Business will not allow DSST upper-division credit to count towards graduation.

PipelineMT Tutorial
Confirmation and Fee Payment Tutorial

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Transfer Students and Transfer Credits
I've just been admitted to MTSU and would like to register. What is the next step?
Please read through the Transfer Checklist. Click on the Transfer CUSTOMS link. Follow the instructions and you will either be directed to schedule an individual advising appointment or sign up for Transfer CUSTOMS, the required on campus orientation for all fall transfer students.  

Will credit from another college or university transfer to MTSU?
Middle Tennessee State University accepts transfer credit from institutions of higher learning based upon the following considerations:

  • the educational quality of the institution from which the student transfers;
  • the comparability of the nature, content, and level of credit earned to that offered by MTSU;
  • the appropriateness and applicability of the credit earned to the programs offered by MTSU in light of the student's educational goals.

When posting transfer courses to the MTSU record, all transfer courses are converted to MTSU's grading scale and repeat policy. The Admissions Office will send an email message when the file is complete. The office does not evaluate credit for students who have already received a bachelor's degree; however, the GPA hours and quality points are posted which calculates in the cumulative GPA.

Students who have completed coursework at institutions for which MTSU has no recent history may be asked to provide information to determine the comparability of content and level of credit presented as transfer to that credit offered by MTSU. Petition is made by submitting the Application for Acceptance of Credit Form available in the Admissions Office. Credit will be granted upon recommendation from the academic advisor and chair of the academic department in which the course is taught, approval of the academic dean of the college in which the course is taught, and approval by the associate director of admissions for transfer services.

How do I determine if a class I'm taking at another school is equivalent to an MTSU class?
Use the Transfer Equivalencies at Middle (TEAM) link or speak with one of the Jones College Undergraduate Advisors.

How do I get credit for my 1000 and 2000 level transferred business courses?
The Jennings A. Jones College of Business permits a lower-division transfer course to satisfy a specific upper-division business course requirement after a student successfully passes a MTSU comprehensive examination (Validation Exam) on the course under consideration. Approval to take a comprehensive exam is granted by the department chair. The decision is based on a review of the educational background of the student to assess the probability that the student has gained enough knowledge from a similar course or courses to be likely to pass the exam. A proficiency level of 70 percent or higher must be attained to pass such an exam.

Tennessee Transfer Pathway: Tennessee College Transfer Guarantee
TEAM - Transfer Equivalencies at Middle
MTSU Undergraduate Admissions for Transfer Students

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Tutoring and Help Labs
Help Labs are available in the business core courses of Accounting, Statistics, Economics and Finance. For more information on tutoring in other subjects go to If you require more information about business tutoring for Accounting, contact the Accounting Department: 615-898-2558. For Statistics information contact the Computer Information Systems Department: 615-898-5055. For Economics and Finance contact the Economics and Finance Department: 615-898-2520.

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Undergraduate Catalog
What is a catalog and which one do I follow?
A catalog is a document of record issued in the fall of each academic year. Course requirements may change from catalog to catalog so it is important that you know which catalog you are placed under.  In general, you follow the catalog that corresponds with the first semester you entered MTSU. You can change the catalog you follow by speaking with an academic advisor. You may use any active catalog that corresponds with any term of your enrollment at MTSU. Catalogs expire after 7 years. Your major and minor must follow the same catalog requirements.

Undergraduate Catalog

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