Demo Lab / Studio Reservation Request

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Reservations for demo / studio rooms must be completed by Faculty/Staff only.
Reservations must be requested 7 days in advance.

Please note that there is no food or drink allowed in the lab, therefore the reserved rooms cannot be utilized as reception areas that include serving meals, snacks, or drinks to those in attendance.

For JCB Studio reservations please select the S278 room. JCB Studio Summer Hours are: Mon 4pm-5:45pm and Fri 12pm-5pm.

This form is a reservation request ONLY, it's not a confirmation of your reservation. You will be contacted by phone or e-mail to confirm the reservation.

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Room* S137E       (S137E has 48 computers)
S137F       (S137F has 24 computers)
S278         (S278 JCB Studio: Mon 4-5:30PM and Fri 12-5PM)

Date  (MM-DD-YYYY)
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