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    Outdoor Pursuits is dedicated to leadership, education, teamwork, relationships, and adventure
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    From white water rafting and kayaking to canoeing, rock climbing or caving, hiking or backpacking, there is something for you.

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Campus Recreation P.O. Box 556 
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
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Front Row, from left: Brittany Robertini, Jake Rehdr, Marlea Teeple, Tim Rideout, Courtney Anderson and Lanna Martin.
Second Row, from left: Sam Gordon, Nevin Dougnangvilay, Meagan Loftis, Brittany Pate, Jason Pomeroy and Israel Valdes.

Name: Israel Valdes
Age: 20
Year: Sophomore
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Mexico City
Outdoor Activities: Climbing, Cycling, Backpacking, and Kayaking
Other Hobbies: Working on bikes

Name: Jason Goins
Age: 20
Year: Junior
Major: Aerospace
Hometown: Collierville, TN
Outdoor Activities: White water kayaking and rafting, Camping
Other Hobbies: Flying, Playing guitar, Exercising, Golf, Disc golf, Frisbee, Kissing my biceps

Name: Emily Coffman
Age: 23
Year: Graduate
Major: Outdoor Recreation, Leadership Studies minor
Hometown: Athens, Pennsylvania
Outdoor Activities: Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Rafting
Other Hobbies: Loving Jesus and being an avid follower of Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society - pabigfootsociety.com.

Name: Josh Stone
Age: 30 something ish
Major: Masters in Outdoor Recreation, since then I have majored in getting people outside!
Hometown: Westerville, Ohio
Outdoor Activities: Hucking drops, sticking lines, bunny hopping tanks, using my legs to see beautiful places

Name: Lauren Ellis
Age: 19
Year: Freshman and 1/2
Major: Marketing and Spanish
Hometown: Cleveland, TN
Outdoor Activities: Kayaking, Rafting, Snowboarding, Hiking, Climbing, anything that looks fun.
Other Hobbies: Living life, chillin con mis amigos, having fun

Name: Tyler Barksdale
Age: 22
Year: Senior
Major: Electronic Media Production
Hometown: Huntsville, AL
Outdoor Activities: Dog sledding
Other Hobbies: I'm not a businessman, I'm a BUSINESS, MAN!

Name: Amanda McGraw
Age: 21
Year: Senior
Major: Organizational Communication
Hometown: Maryville, TN
Outdoor Activities: Hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, busting out the occasional snow plow
Other Hobbies: Stamp Collecting

Name: Tim Rideout
Age: 20
Year: Junior
Major: Farming
Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN
Outdoor Activities: Kayaking the Nar-Nar on the Nantahala and pulling off disgusting moves in freestyle snowboarding
Other Hobbies: Weekend chauffer and male model

Name: Cora Rowland
Age: 20/ 21 July 2010
Year: Junior/ Senior summer 10
Major: Psychology aka fixing people
Hometown: Podunk Lascassas, Tn
Outdoor Activities: Being a raft guide on the Ocoee, Rock Climbing (Broken fingers pending), Getting into Kayaking, any sports not involving a ball such as swimming
Other Hobbies: Kappa Delta, Work other than the Rec, Anything Fun, going to school for what seems the rest of my life. Aspiring to be like my brother!!!! NITRO CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Stephanie Walsh
Age: 19
Year: Sophomore
Major: English (concentration in teaching)
Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, TN
Hobbies: Reading, Bible studies, Lightning Leadership, watching movies, spending time with friends, and being awesome. :)

Name: Kaycee Mathias
Age: 21
Year: Senior
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Germantown, TN
Hobbies: Running, Climbing, Hiking, Climbing Trees, Journaling, and Volunteering

Name: Mark Murphy
Age: 25
Year: Graduate Student
Major: Higher Education Administration & Supervision
Hometown: Goodlettsville, TN
Hobbies: Being with friends, live music, watching The Office, food, & MTSU athletics.

Name: Nevin Douangvilay
Age: 19
Year: Sophomore
Major: Aerospace
Hometown: Antioch, Tn
Hobbies: Sports, Music, and having fun! LIVE IT UP!!!

Name: Anna Grace Gerhart
Age: 20
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Murfreesboro
Hobbies: Soccer, ADPi, scrapbooking, hanging out with my friends, and i love to go to the movies

Name: Michael Nanney
Age: 20
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN
Hobbies: playing basketball, eating, sleeping, hanging out with my buddies