On-Campus Interviewing

There are several methods of on-campus recruiting at MTSU. Click the links below to learn more about each.

See the Recruiting Calendar for recruiting dates for the upcoming semester .

On-Campus Interviewing Guidelines

To set up on-campus interviews for your organization, please log into Lightning JobSource.

Open Interview Schedules : Open interview schedules allow students to sign up directly for interview times if they meet pre-set, minimum requirements for the position.

Pre-Interview Selection Procedures: Several employers request pre-interview selection prior to their campus recruiting dates. For those firms, interested students must submit their resumes for the position via Lightning JobSource.The firms select the students to interview, and the students are notified either by the employer or by the Career Development Center to sign up for an interview time in Lightning JobSource.Dates to submit resumes and dates for interviews will be included in the Lightning JobSource calendar.

No Show Policy : MTSU is fortunate to attract a large number of employers to recruit prospective graduates and conduct on-campus interviews.The opportunity for students to have on-campus interviews is a privilege and appointments should be considered a business commitment.Interview appointments should be kept except in emergency situations, and cancellations should be made as early as possible.Students on waiting lists will be offered the appointments. NO SHOWS are not acceptable . They deny other students the opportunity to interview and they hurt our reputation with employers.Abuse of this will result in the loss of interview privileges.

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Information Tables

Information tables and group meetings for employers are available upon request.Information tables may be reserved for employers seeking full-time, part-time, temporary, and summer employees.

Group meetings may be scheduled in conjunction with recruiting visits and arrangements should be made along with recruiting requests.

To schedule an information table or meeting, please contact our recruiting coordinator.

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Campus Recruiting Calendar *
Fall 2010

August 28 Classes begin
September 13 Fall recruiting begins
October 13 Fall Career Fair
December 3 Fall recruiting ends
December 8 Classes end

*See Lightning JobSource for a complete list of current fairs and to register for events.

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