The MTSU Career Success Plan

Sound career choices require information - information about you and about occupations. Whether you are declaring a major or preparing for your job search, there are several steps you will want to focus on in the career development process. The staff in the Career Development Center will help you along this journey - one which is unique to every individual.

In support of its new mission and direction, the Career Development Center offers this Career Success Plan to guide you in preparing for future goals:

  1. Assessing your interests, values and skills
  2. Exploring your career options and academic majors
  3. Building your job-search skills
  4. Experimenting by gaining career-related experience
  5. Implementing your plan by connecting with career-related opportunities or preparing for graduate or professional school
  6. Practicing life-long career management

Click through the plan for Resources for Climbing the Ladder to Career Success.