MTSU Risk Philosophy

The MTSU Risk Philosophy seeks to balance enterprise-wide risk management with thoughtful and meaningful strategic planning in which the University's Board of Trustees, members of Executive Leadership, Faculty, and Staff are engaged.  MTSU acknowledges that while elements of risk are inherent in all aspects of any institution's operations, risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and continuous improvement are among the hallmarks of institutional sustainability, financial growth, and technological innovation.  The University further believes that integrated risk management and compliance planning additionally serves to support its mission of providing a student-centered, culturally rich, active learning environment for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The University's Risk Philosophy and risk management strategy is grounded by the experienced leadership of its President, Dr. Sidney A. McPhee, as well as the Executive Management team, Deans, Associate Deans, and Faculty whose tireless commitment to student success, financial performance, and international cultural engagement continue to make MTSU the destination of choice for quality higher education.

Annual risk assessment reviews, financial and internal auditing, and the development of a corporate compliance plan are among the strategies MTSU utilizes to understand, assess, and respond to risks.  As part of the compliance and risk management process, the University's Risk Philosophy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains consistent with the MTSU mission, vision, and community standards.