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  • MTSU's 360-degree,
    wrap-around simulator
    provides an unequaled level of preparation for air traffic controllers
  • Racing alternative-fueled vehicles requires technology, skill, and luck
  • Jeannie Stubblefield's research on mass fatalities won first place at a Homeland Security Summit
  • Chemistry professor
    Tibor Koritsanszky
    helps scientists peer
    deep inside molecules
  • More than 800 technology-related jobs go unfilled
    in the mid-state area annually
  • Heather Brown, researcher and department chair, shows a piece of pervious concrete
  • At NASA's annual race, MTSU's moon buggy team is consistently the state's number one
  • Rain gardens fulfill a vital ecological role on campus
  • Geology students are on the crater rim of Mt. St. Helens volcano
  • Professor Xiaoya Zha examines the beginning of graph theory
  • Physics professor Daniel Erenso uses laser beams to investigate sickle cell diseases
  • MTSU's Naked Eye Observatory offers a unique way to study the solar system

Local Service Provider

Josua Love

Local Service Provider

Room 179 Voorhies Engineering Technology
(615) 904-8206
MTSU Box 19
Josh Love

Service MTSU inventoried computers, both hardware and software for the College of Basic and Applied Sciences. Additionally supply support for computer peripherals and give quotes on new equipment.

Professional Background

Before coming to MTSU, Love worked as a desktop support specialist and IT end user analyst for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), where he provided in-person and remote assistance on a variety of hardware and software issues. He holds master’s degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Network Architecture. Love plans to use his education and experience as a desktop support specialist to ensure that everyone he comes into contact with gets their IT-related issues resolved to the best of his abilities.


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