Chemistry Department

Dr. Keying Ding

Dr. Keying Ding CONTACT INFO:


Phone: (615)
Office: New Science Building (SCI), Room 3024 
P.O. Box : x0068 


  • B.S., 2001, LiaoCheng University.
  • M.S., 2006, University of Rochester.
  • Ph.D., 2009, University of Rochester. (Advisor: Dr. Patrick Holland)
  • Postdoc, 2009-2013, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. (Advisors: Dr. William Tolman, Dr. Marc Hillmyer and Dr. Connie Lu)


Our research revolves primarily around organometallics, catalysis and polymer chemistry. The first two projects focus on development of earth-abundant metal catalysts for small molecule activation and biomass conversion, respectively. We are also interested in design and synthesis of bio-derived polymers. Through these multidisciplinary research projects, students are expected to obtain comprehensive research skills and develop innovative approaches for sustainable chemistry.



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  2. Keying Ding,Deanna L. Miller, Victor G. Young, Jr., and Connie C. Lu, "Study of the Conformationally Flexible, Wide Bite-Angle Diphosphine 4,6-Bis(3-diisopropylphosphinophenyl)dibenzofuran in Rhodium(I) and Palladium(II) Coordination Complexes,"Inorg. Chem., 2011, 50, 2545-2552.
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