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  • A biochemistry degree from MTSU creates a wide array of career opportunities
  • An NSF research grant allows MTSU chemists to develop new catalysts
  • More than 80 percent of MTSU’s students will use the new science building
  • Chemistry professor
    Chengshan Wang
    helps researchers understand
    Parkinson's Disease

Graduate Courses Offered

Graduate Chemistry Courses Offered Every Semester

6640 Thesis Research*
6800 Chemistry Seminar (except summers)*
6870 Chemistry Research*


Courses in Organic Chemistry

  Course Semester Offered
5100 Organic Spectroscopy S | Odd yr.
6100 Intermediate Organic Chemistry F *
6150 Bioorganic Chemistry S
6110/7110 Topics in Organic Chemistry (Prereq: 6100) S | Even yr.


Courses in Analytical Chemistry

  Course Semester Offered
6230 Intermediate Analytical Chemistry S *
6200/7200 Topics Analytical/Adv. Chemical Separations (Prereq: 6230) F | Even yr.


Courses in Physical Chemistry

  Course Semester Offered
6300 Intermediate Physical Chemistry S *
6720/7720 Topics in Physical Chemistry (Prereq: 6300) F | Odd yr.


Courses in Inorganic Chemistry

  Course Semester Offered
6400 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry F *
6420/7420 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (Prereq: 6400) S | Odd | yr. 
6480 Lab in Inorganic Chemistry F | Even | yr. 


Courses in Biochemistry

  Course Semester Offered
5500 Biochemistry I F
6500 Intermediate Biochemistry See Advisor
6510 Biochemistry II (Prereq: 5500) S
6520/7510 Topics in Biochemistry (Prereq: 5500 or 6500) F | Odd | yr. *
6530 Biochemical Techniques S


Courses in Environmental Chemistry

  Course Semester Offered
5600 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry F
6610/7710 Environmental Soil/Topics Applied Chemistry S | Even yr.


Courses in Polymer Chemistry

  Course Semester Offered
5700 Polymers: An Introduction F | Odd yr.
6780 Polymer and Materials Chemistry Laboratory F | Odd yr.


Courses in Chemical Education

  Course Semester Offered
7820 Seminar in Chemical Education (On-line) F
7900 Teaching and Learning Chemistry See Advisor
7910 Instructional Technology in the Science Classroom See Advisor


Thesis Research, Seminar

  Course Semester Offered
6640 Thesis Research Every term
6800 Chemistry Seminar F, S
6870 Chemistry Research
(Thesis writing)
  • Sometimes offered in the summer; in these years will not be offered the adjacent semester (see Advisor)
  • All offerings are subject to approval by the Dean

5000 = Dual-listed with undergraduate; 6000 = Graduate; 7000 = Doctoral
*Courses required for M.S.
To establish sufficient demand for certain courses, students should see their advisor the previous spring semester to complete an annual Plan of Study.

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