Chemistry Department

Upper Division Course Schedule

Upper Division Course Schedule: New Version Feb. 17, 2010

No. Title Semester
3000 Careers in Chemistry and Biochemistry S
3010/3011 Organic Chemistry I all
3020/3021 Organic Chemistry II all
3530/3531 Principles of Biochemistry all
3880 Undergraduate Research II F,S
3890 Chemistry Instruction Internship F,S
3970/3980 Cooperative Education F,S
4000 Medicinal Chemistry S
4100 Organic Spectroscopy S Odd yr.
4230/4231 Instrumental Analysis S
4330/4331 Physical Chemistry Fundamentals I all
4340/4341 Physical Chemistry Fundamentals II S
4360/4361 Physical Chemistry II S
4400 Foundations in Inorganic Chemistry Aq S odd yr.
Begin S 2011
4410 Foundations in Inorganic Chemistry B S Even yr.
Begin S 2012
4450 In-Depth Inorganic Chemistry Aq S odd years
Begin S 2013
4460 In-Depth Inorganic Chemistry B S Even years
Begin S 2012
4500 Biochemistry I F
4510 Biochemistry II S
4520 Topics in Biochemistry S
4530 Biochemical Techniques S
4550/4551 Bioanalytical Chemistry F,S
4600 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry F
4610 Environmental Soil Chemistry S Even yr.
4630/4631 Detection of Chemical Pollutants S
4700 Polymers, An Introduction F Odd yr.
4780 Polymers and Materials Chemistry Laboratory F Odd yr.
4880 Research all

Graduate classes. Advanced students with 98 semester hours of credit may take graduate classes for a total of no more than 12 hrs upon approval of the department and the Graduate Dean.