2013 The 1st Annual Chinese Writing Contest at CIMTSU

Sponsored by Tennessee News

Good News! Considering the time is quite pushy for some Chinese Learners to hand in their essays, CI decided to put off the deadline till November 25, and hope more participants can join in our writing contest this time.

I. Purpose
The purpose of this contest is to arouse Chinese Americans and American Chinese learners' interest in Chinese learning, offer them a chance to present their Chinese writing skills and increase their understanding of Chinese language and culture.

II. Organizer
Confucius Institute at Middle Tennessee State University

All Chinese learners are eligible to participate in this contest. Participants must be current residents of Tennessee.

IV. Essay Topic : I Have a Dream

V. Contest Category
To encourage all Chinese learners of all background and ages, the contest is divided into three categories: Elementary Chinese Writing for Non-Heritage; Advanced Chinese Writing for Non-Heritage; Chinese Writing for Heritage Chinese learners.(The category division of all writing papers will be determined by Confucius Institute according to the length and content of the papers and participant's Chinese learning time.)

VI. Writing Requirements

  1. The essay must be written in Chinese characters.
  2. There are no limitations on the writing genre; all forms are acceptable except drama.
  3. Length: 200 – 600 characters.
  4. Electronic copy is required. Please submit your essay by email with the subject as "Chinese Writing Contest – (your name)".
  5. Every participant can submit one essay only.
  6. Each essay must be completed by the contestant independently.
  7. No translation using online applications or other software.
  8. No assistance from teachers or others.
  9. Both printed version and scanned version of essays are acceptable.

VII. Contest Registration

  1. Each participant must submit a completed online registration form.
  2. Each participant must submit the essay by email to cimtsu@mtsu.edu
  3. Both the application and essay must be submitted by the Deadline: Nov. 10, 2013.

VIII. Contest Procedure

  • Sep. 30 – Nov.10, 2013 Participant registration and essay submission
  • Nov. 11 – Nov.17, 2013 Judging committee evaluates essays
  • Nov.18, 2013 Winners Announcement
  • Grand Recognition will be informed later.

IX. Awards

  1. Advanced Chinese Writing for Non-Heritage
    1. One 1st Prize
    2. Three 2nd Prizes
    3. Five 3rd Prizes
    4. Honorable Mentions
  2. Elementary Chinese Writing for Non-Heritage
    1. One 1st Prize
    2. Three 2nd Prizes
    3. Five 3rd Prizes
    4. Honorable Mentions
  3. Chinese Writing for Heritage Chinese
    1. One 1st Prize
    2. Three 2nd Prizes
    3. Five 3rd Prizes Honorable Mentions
  4. Outstanding Institution Award: A special award will be given to organizations that recommend and encourage students' active involvement in this contest.
  5. Selected essays will be published in Tennessee News.
  6. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation.

X. Contest Judges
The judging committee will be composed of Chinese faculties from Confucius Institute, Chinese teachers and scholars from the local community.

XI. Organizer Contact Information


I. 比赛宗旨与目的
II. 主办单位
III. 参赛对象
IV. 写作主题 《我有一个梦想》
V. 比赛分组
VI. 稿件要求
参赛稿件必须用中文汉字写作,写作文体不限(戏剧除外),字数200-600字。每位参赛选手均需提供电子稿件一份。电子稿件请在邮件主题上加注"Chinese Writing Contest-(选手的姓名)"字样。每位参赛选手限投一篇稿件。参赛者须提交一份完整的网络报名表,电子稿件请发至cimtsu@mtsu.edu 报名表与电子稿件须在2013年11月10日前提交送至。所有参赛文章必须由参赛者独立独自完成。


2013年9月30日 – 11月10日 征集稿件
2013年11月11日 – 11月17日 评委会评审稿件
2013年11月18日 公布获奖名单颁奖仪式另行通知非华裔中文学习者高级中文写作组。
VII. 报名方式

VIII. 比赛安排

2013年9月30日 – 11月10日 征集稿件
2013年11月11日 – 11月17日 评委会评审稿件
2013年11月18日 公布获奖名单
IX. 奖励和奖励方式

X. 比赛评委
XI. 主办单位联系方式
写作比赛联系人邮件: yu.zhang@mtsu.edu / yiping.cui@mtsu.edu
电子稿提交邮件: cimtsu@mtsu.edu
孔子学院电话: 615-494-8696
孔子学院地址: Confucius Institute at MTSU, Peck Hall, Room 106, 1301 East Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN, 37132