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Career Information

The use of the information systems by businesses, large and small, has created new career paths for students majoring in Computer Information Systems. There has been and continues to be a growing demand for professionals possessing an understanding of basic business and computer information systems. The list below provides samples of positions and job descriptions in the field of CIS.

Business or Systems Analyst

  • Examines a business activity to help decide how new IT solutions will improve efficiency and effectiveness in decision making

  • Analyzes how users can interact with the information system

  • Specified the data and logical operations the system will perform and define system reporting for upper management

Application Developer

  • Writes or modifies programs for a variety of technical, commercial, and business users

  • Involves taking requirements, usually in written form from the analysts, and translating them into computer code

Database Administrator

  • Manages the design and development of databases

  • Guarantees the performance and integrity of databases

  • Controls system capacity for existing data requirements

Information Systems Manager / Director

  • Directs IS operations including computer operations, technical support, systems analysis, and programming

  • Ensures sufficient systems capacity for organizational needs

  • Directs database management and telecommunications functions

Information Systems Security Manager

  • Manages disaster recovery functions for information systems

  • Arranges and administers security measures to restrict unauthorized use of systems

  • Coordinates security investigations and executes preventive measures

Network Administrator

  • Installs, configures, and maintains the organization's network servers and workstations

  • Manages network performance

Information Systems Auditor

  • Performs audits of organization's new or current information systems

  • Evaluates operating practices to determine if controls and security measures are adequate

  • Assesses the dependability of information systems and associated data

Source: ACM