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What is Information Systems?  It is where business and technology meet and it is the transmission, addition, and storage of information for business.  It includes big data, mobile apps, security, networking database, and many more exciting areas.  It is also one of the fastest growing area for jobs and will continue to be for the near future.  

We offer a Bachelor's Degree  and Master's Degree in Information Systems, with concentrations in Project Management and Security and Assurance. Our programs merge computer systems and business functions into one cohesive program. Our graduates are prepared to be highly qualified professionals with a well-rounded understanding of the business environment. We believe our programs provide the education you need for a successful career in CIS by providing exposure to state-of-the-art technology and realistic and relevant courses. 

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MTSU Master's Degree in IS Boasts Near 100% Placement

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High Demand for IS Jobs in Middle TN!!! - "Unless something changes, Tennessee will have twice as many job openings for computer programmers and software developers as it will have new graduates with those degrees through 2018. Right now, there are 1,161 high-tech job openings in Middle Tennessee, a separate report released by the Nashville Technology Council shows." Read the full article from the Tennessean at Ongo.