Communication Studies

Suggested Minors

A minor is required in the Communication Studies program.  

Examples of possible minors to pair with your career goals:

Airlines: Most people think of Pilots or Flight Attendants when they think of careers with the airlines but there are numerous positions both in public and behind the scenes that require strong "people skills". A minor in Global Studies or a Foreign Language minor would work well for a career path in this industry.

Business: Careers in Management and Human Resources Development would benefit from a minor from the School of Business. You might also consider Global Studies or a Foreign Language minor if you think you might work overseas.

Entrepreneur: If you plan to start your own business, it is important that you take courses in Business Law and Accounting. In addition to a minor in Entrepreneurship, you might consider a minor in Public Relations or Marketing so you will improve your ability to promote your new business or product.

Government: Careers in government run a wide gamut from working for the FBI or CIA to working in a local government office. The type of government position you want to pursue will greatly influence which minor would be most beneficial. For example, the FBI and CIA have a strong demand for computer specialists and fluent speakers of other languages. Working in a political office would benefit from a minor in Political Science or History while a career as a Forest Ranger would benefit from courses in biology.

Intercultural Advisor: While our courses focus on increasing your understanding of the norms, values and traditions of other cultures, it would be beneficial to pair a minor in Foreign Languages, Anthropology, Psychology or Global Studies with our program.

NGO/Nonprofits: NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) and nonprofit organizations need employees with strong interpersonal and decision making skills. A minor in Psychology or Social Work could be beneficial for this career path.

University Administrators: There are numerous positions on college campuses that focus on working with and helping students. Psychology, Leadership Studies and Global Studies are all possible options as you work for a career in this field. If you want to be a university administrator but are more interested in the
business end, you should consider a minor in Business.

Look over requirements in the minors below to see if some of them sound interesting to you.  All are listed in the MTSU catalog (

Asian Studies

Behavioral Research

Business Communication

Criminal Justice Administration

Driver and Traffic Safety Education

Family Studies


Health Care Services


International Media Studies

International Relations

Jewish and Holocaust Studies

Latin American Studies

Life Span Development

Linguistic Studies

Mental Health Services

Native American Studies

Paralegal Studies

Political and Civic Engagement

Political Science

Real Estate

Real Estate/Insurance

Religious Studies

Social Welfare

Southern Studies

Urban Studies

War, Policy, and Society

Women's and Gender Studies