Criminal Justice

General Requirements

The candidate must:

1. have completed a minimum of 18 hours of work at the undergraduate level in criminal justice or an approved equivalent.

2. complete either a thesis (33 hours) or non-thesis (36 hours) program of study with no more than 30 percent of total degree hours dually listed as undergraduate/graduate hours. Included in each program are the required 18-hour core courses:

  • CJA 6000 Criminal Justice Administration, 3 hours
  • CJA 6010 Seminar in Law Enforcement, 3 hours 
  • CJA 6020 Judicial Seminar, 3 hours
  • CJA 6030 Contemporary Corrections, 3 hours
  • CJA 6900 Research in the Criminal Justice Process, 3 hours

3. file a Degree Plan after having completed 10 semester hours credit and before having completed 16 semester hours credit. Candidate must have maintained an average grade of 3.00 or above on all work attempted. No fewer than 10 and no more than 16 semester hours may be counted toward the degree before the individual is advanced to candidacy.

4. complete one of the following: CJA 6640-Thesis Research, 3 hours or CJA 6250-Criminal Justice Internship, 3 hours.

5. complete 15-18 hours of approved electives (thesis track-15 hours/non-thesis track-18 hours).

6. successfully pass a written comprehensive examination as part of the non-thesis program of study.

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