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  • 1/12 - Spring 2012 Classes Begin
  • 1/13 - GSA Meeting (4 pm, JUB 100)
  • 1/26 - Last Day to File Intent to Graduate for Spring 2012
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Current Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Resources for Graduate Students
The university and the College of Graduate Studies provide a wide range of resources to support students engaged in graduate study. Links to some of the more frequently resources are listed below. For information on resources not listed here, contact us at or at 615-898-2840.
Future Graduate Financial Aid
Graduate education is a great investment. Statistics show that persons holding graduate and professional degrees earn thousands of dollars more than persons with only a bachelor's degree. However, paying for this investment in your future is an important consideration. Follow the links below to learn more about the cost of graduate school, Graduate Assistantships, and other sources of financial assistance.
Student Services
Students agree that at MTSU they are treated as individuals, not just as a face in the crowd. Learn more about the service we provide you from the moment you become a Blue Raider until the day you walk across the stage at graduation.
Facilities for Graduate Students
Listed below are quick links to information about facilities that are most frequently utilized by graduate students. For information on facilities not listed here check the A - Z index.
Campus Life
Campus Life
Inside a classroom or laboratory is not the only place you will be during your time on campus. Find out more about life on campus and the many activities available you by following these links.