2011-2012 Blue Raider Debaters Debate Club Officers (L- Treasurer Jessica Robinson, Captain Melissa Swauncy, Lieutenant Sara Page, Secretary Mary Choate. Historian Jackie Smith-R) MTSU Department Fair Sept 1, 2011MTSU Department Fair Sept 1, 2011Debate Meet & Greet Sept 6, 2011University of Arkansas at Monticello Weevil Wars, 2011 (L Coach Richey, Myles Rowe, Melissa Swauncy, Jessica Robinson R)Walter State, 2011 (L- Joseph Huckleberry, De'Antwaine "Fluffy" Moye, Mary Choate -R) Team Walter State (Top L - Cassie Smith, Melissa Swauncy, Joseph Huckleberry, De'Antwaine Moye, Dale Sikkema -L) (Bottom L- Jackie Smith & Mary Choate -R) Practice & Debate Room (L- Melissa Swauncy, Sara Page -R) Practice & Debate Room (Top- Jodi Wunder, Hailey Lawson-Bottom) Practice & Debate Room (L- Jacki Smith, Timeca Terry-R) Carson Newman & Belmont Porch Swing, 2011 (L- Melissa Swauncey & Hailey Lawson -R) Prepping Carson Newman & Belmont Porch Swing, 2011 (R - Top- Melissa Swauncey & Cassie Smith; Middle- Sara Page; Bottom- Hailey Lawson -L) Union University Bulldog Classic, 2011 (L- Melissa Swauncy, Amanda Harris, Hailey Lawson, Jessica Robinson -R) KUC Debate Recruiting (L-Hailey Lawson, Jodi Wunder, Coach Richey, Melissa Swauncey-R)Mississippi College Deep South Classic, 2011 (Hailey Lawson accepting her speaker award) (L-Joseph Huckleberry, Cassie Smith, Melissa Swauncy, Kaitlyn Wallace, Coach Richey -R; Bottom -Hailey Lawson)Tennessee Intercollegiate Forensics Association 2012 (L- Samantha Justilian, Cassie Smith Jackie Smith Dale Sikkema, Coach Richey -R Hailey Lawson: Bottom Center)Memphis Urban Debate League (MUDL) 2012 MUDL City Championship - Team Captain Melissa Swauncy speaks with MUDL Debaters during the MUDL City Championship held at East High School in Memphis, TNKing Kookamonga Burger: Post MUDL Celebration 2012 - MTSU Debaters Joseph Huckleberry and Dale Sikkema attempt the King Kookamonga Burger challenge. Sadly, the monster burger overtook them. (L- Coach Richey, Dale Sikkema, Joseph Huckleberry, Indianapolis Colt's punter Pat MacAfee, Melissa Swauncy, CJ Moore – R Middle Center: Mary Choate Middle Bottom: Hailey Lawson)Pi Kappa Delta Nationals 2012 (L Top Row- Melissa Swauncy, Joseph Huckleberry, Dale Sikkema De'Antwaine Moye, CJ Moore -R: Middle Row L- Cassie Smith, Mary Choate, Jackie Smith, Sara Page -R: Bottom Center: Hailey Lawson2012 MTSU Debate Hall of Fame Inductees - Lisa (Anderson) Moore & Peg McCree



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