IPDA National Championship and Convention 2013-2014

The International Public Debate Association would like to cordially invite you to be in attendance at our annual National Championships and Convention to be held April 10-13, 2014. Our host will be Middle Tennessee State University. Pat Richey and his fine squad are hard at work to make this a memorable weekend. The national championship tournament will feature 8 preliminary rounds of debate in all three IPDA individual debate divisions and 4 preliminary rounds in IPDA Team debate. Please note that Team IPDA has been designated as a Varsity division and is scheduled to run on Thursday, April 10. MTSU is trying to locate enough rooms for a series of exhibition rounds of IPDA Team for a Professional division. More information will be posted on the IPDA Website if room availability allows for these exhibition rounds (no sweepstakes points will accrue).
In addition, the IPDA will also be hosting its National Convention prior to the beginning of individual, competitive rounds on Friday, April 11. This is an excellent opportunity for students and directors alike to feature debate-specific academic work in an educational and professional environment. If you are interested in presenting at our convention, or know someone who is, please contact IPDA Managing Director, Mary G. Jarzabek via email at Paper presentations are scheduled after Friday's registration again this year. We hope this will enable everyone to attend this convention event.
Thank you for your interest in IPDA and for your attendance at our association's premier event. We look forward to seeing you in Murfreesboro, TN this April!
M.G. "Jorji" Jarzabek -318-797-5318
IPDA Managing Director
Louisiana State University in Shreveport

ENTRY PROCEDURE AND DEADLINE : Entry deadline is 5:00 PM, Friday, April 4. We prefer emailed entries to the Managing Director, but will accept fax or mailed entries. Each entry change (including adds or drops) made after 5:00 PM, Tuesday, April 8 will be assessed a $20 per change add/drop fee per individual change. PLEASE NOTE: The Executive Committee of IPDA reserves the right to review and make changes to the name used to identify independent programs during the National Championship Tournament.

RULES AND ENTRIES : Each "program" as defined by the IPDA Constitution may enter as many contestants as it wishes, space permitting. Three individual divisions will be offered: NOVICE, VARSITY, and PROFESSIONAL. Team debate offers the Varsity division only. If you have any questions about division eligibility, you can find your answers in the IPDA Constitution and Bylaws located on the web at The tournament will follow IPDA guidelines and regulations as outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws. The time format for individual debate will be 5-2-6-2-3-5-3. Team debate times are: 4-2-5-2-5-2-4-2-3-4-4-3.
JUDGES : You will notice on the entry form there is no price for uncovered entries. That is because this IS NOT AN OPTION! We require that each program cover its entries to ensure a diverse and equitable judging pool. One judge will cover up to four debaters and/or two teams. Programs are mandated to meet this requirement (so for every four debaters or two teams you enter you MUST bring a judge!). All judges are obligated to ALL rounds including ALL outrounds. Necessity may not call for them to be used every round, but we need them as an option. PLEASE TAKE THIS REQUIREMENT VERY SERIOUSLY! Additionally, competitors who do not break must be on standby as judges in case they are needed for outrounds. We will minimize their use as much as possible, but some will be needed in order to keep our elimination schedule moving along.
Judging for the National Championship Tournament
To maintain consistency and fairness for the National Championship Tournament, participating programs will be expected to provide the same judges throughout the duration of the tournament. The name of each judge should be submitted at the time of the team's entry. Judges unable to continue their duties for ANY reason during the tournament must be immediately replaced: even if this means removing a competitor from the tournament and placing them in the judging pool for the remainder of the tournament.

Procedures for judging assignments and ballot distribution:
Judges' ballots for each program are going to be placed into a folder or packet designated for that program (e.g. Union will get a folder with all the ballots assigned to UU judges for that round).
1. EACH program will be asked to submit the name of the person who will be responsible for picking up these ballot folders.
a. So choose wisely...a lot will be riding on this.
b. Each judge will then return their ballots independently to the ballot table.
2. EACH program must pick up their ballot packets no later than fifteen minutes into prep time to allow their judges enough time to make it to their assigned rooms and start each round on time.
3. A "Three-Strike" penalty system will be used for failure to comply with these procedures.
a. A strike will be:
i. Failure of a program's judge to start their assigned round within five minutes after that round's prep time has expired.
ii. Failure of a program to notify the tab room of a name change on the designated ballot (judge swap out) before the round begins. IF a program encounters a problem, the tab room MUST approve any change in judging assignments.
b. Any delay stemming from tab room procedures will NOT be considered a strike.
a. 1st strike-a warning will be issued to the program director. It is assumed that this will correct any problems with a program's judges.
b. 2nd strike – a $50 fine or "extra fee" will be imposed on the program.
c. 3rd strike – the program may be disqualified from the tournament.
5. Coaches and teams are encouraged to stay on top of their team's judging requirements and to take proactive steps to help ensure that their judges pick up all ballots promptly.

Hotel Information: Contact Pat Richey for more information at
All addresses are in Murfreesboro, TN
Hilton Double Tree - $95 1850 Old Fort Pkwy 615-895-5555
Holiday Inn Express - $99
165 Chaffin Place
(615) 849-9000
Baymount Inn and Suites
2230 Armory Drive
(615) 896-1172
Clarion Inn 2227 Old Fort Pkwy (615) 896-2420
Country Inn & Suites/Carlson
2262 Armory Drive
(615) 890-5951
Crestwood Suites
1345 Old Fort Pkwy
Fairfield Inn & Suites 175 Chaffin Place (615) 849-1150
Quality Inn
2135 S. Church Street
Phone: (615) 890-1006
Sleep Inn
93 Chaffin Place
(615) 396-3000
Super 8 127 Chaffin Place
(615) 867-5000


Thursday, April 10, 2014 8:00 am – Team Debate Registration – TBA
8:30a - 10:15a Round 1 - (all times reflect start of IPDA draw for each round)
10:15a - Noon Round 2 – (possible exhibition rounds for IPDA Pro Team events: TBA)
Noon – 1:45 p Round 3
1:45p – 3:30 p Round 4
3:45p – Coaches Review
4:30 p - Breaks posted
4:30p – Team Octofinals
6:15 pm – Team Quarterfinals
8 pm - Team Semifinals
Friday, April 11, 2014
9:00 am – Team Final Round - TBA
9:30 a.m.- Joint meeting of Governing Board and Executive Committee – MTSU Student Union Room 225
12:00-12:30 p.m.- Registration & Final Check In – Common Area of Media and Entertainment Building
(Check in by 12:30 p.m. is REQUIRED)
12:30 p.m.- Presentation of papers – Panels will be held in rooms in the MTSU Student Union
1:45 p.m.- Round I
3:30 p.m.- Round II
5:15 – 6:15 p.m.- Dinner Break
6:15 p.m.- Round III
8:00 p.m.- Round IV
Saturday, April 12, 2014
8:00 a.m.- Round V
9:45 a.m.- Round VI
11:30 am- Round VII
1:15 p.m.- Round VIII
3:00 p.m.- Dinner Break – Pizzas will be provided by IPDA
3:30 p.m.- Coaches Review
4:15 p.m.- Breaks posted
4:30 p.m.- First Elimination Round
6:00 pm - Second Elimination Round) *7:30 p.m.- Octofinals (Third Elimination Round) *8:45 p.m. – Quarterfinals (Fourth Elimination Round) * times may be moved forward if possible, and ALL participants need to hasten the outround process!
Sunday, April 13, 2014
9:00 a.m.- Semi-finals Draw for Novice, Varsity, and Professional Divisions
10:15 a.m.- Non-Banquet Finals Draw
11:15 a.m. – Banquet Final Round Draw – Contestants MUST report to Managing Director for Draw
12:30-3:00 p.m.- Banquet –The Final Round will feature the Varsity Division


ENTRY FORM – Due by Friday, April 4, 2014
School: __________________________________________
Coach: __________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________
Fax: __________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Please Print Full Names – Add more lines if needed.
1.________________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team Pro-Team
2.________________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team Pro-Team
3.________________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team Pro-Team
4.________________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team Pro-Team
5.________________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team Pro-Team
6.________________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team Pro-Team
7.________________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team
8.________________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team
9.________________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team
10._______________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team
11._______________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team
12._______________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team
13._______________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team
14._______________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team
15._______________________________________ Professional Novice Varsity Team
Judges – Add more lines if needed.
1._______________________________________ Individual Team
2._______________________________________ Individual Team
3._______________________________________ Individual Team
4._______________________________________ Individual Team
5. .______________________________________ Individual Team

FEES: Programs are required to be current with their Association dues in order to participate.
Program Tournament Registration Fee $35.00
Program Convention Registration Fee $20.00 waived for 2014 IPDA convention
Program annual dues @ $35.00 each _______ (if not current)
____ Individual Debate Entries @ $35.00 each = _______
____ Team Debate Entries @ $60.00 each = _________
____ Banquet tickets @ $20.00 each = _______ (ask about availability of veggie plates)
Total Fees............................ $_______________
Make checks payable to: International Public Debate Association
Please email, fax, or mail your entries to:
Mary Jarzabek, IPDA Managing Director:
Fax: (318) 797-5132
Phone: (318) 797-5318

All entries will be confirmed via email by Monday, April 7, 2014. If your entry is not confirmed, then assume it has not been received and contact the managing director.
Mary Jarzabek
LSUS Comm. Dept.
One University Place
Shreveport, LA 71115

Tournament trophies will be given to all competitors who break to outrounds, the top five speakers in each division, and the top five overall sweepstakes programs. IPDA has a national tournament award for the top sweepstakes community college winner and the Scholastic Champion. The formula for calculating points will be the same as that detailed in the IPDA Constitution and Bylaws.
Season awards based on this debate season's cumulative points will also be given to the top ten individuals in each division and the top five programs in each division. The Founder's Award will also be presented to the top five programs earning the most combined points over the course of six regular season tournaments. In addition, awards such as the Bennett Strange Coach of the Year Award, the Scholastic Championship Award, and other association-specific awards will be presented


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