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New Digital Sign Implementation

  1. The following hardware will be needed
    1. Monitor
      1. Digital signage is able to be displayed on many monitor/TV screen models. If you have a monitor in place, an assessment will be done to note if it is compatible. If not, ITD can provide recommendations and/or quotes.
    2. PlayerPC
      1. A dedicated PC is required to control the signage display. ITD will assess a currently available PC or provide recommendations and/or quotes.
  2. Submit an ITD Work Order
    1. Log into the Work Order system using your FSA credentials
    2. Fill in the Subject and Contact Information
    3. Complete Issue information
      1. Equipment Type: Select Other
      2. Problem Type: Select Other Systems
      3. Symptom: Select New Sign Set-Up
      4. OS Type: Select Other
      5. Category: Select Digital Signage System
        1. Complete Sign Location information & click SAVE
    4. Fill in Public Description
      1. This is the location to explain what is needed and more specific information
    5. Click SAVE
    6. You will be contacted to discuss the new signage project
  3. Submit a SP2 form to Campus C&R for site renovation (if needed), monitor mounting & placement of appropriate electric/data connectivity & cabling.

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