Disability & Access Center


The following procedures should insure that you receive appropriate and reasonable accommodations:
  1. As early in the semester as possible (preferably within the first two weeks of the semester), you should initiate contact with Disabled Student Services (DSS) to request accommodations. At this time, if you have not already done so, you should provide DSS with current documentation regarding your disability.

  2. You should then plan on meeting with DSS to review how the disability substantially limits you and determine what reasonable accommodations would be appropriate for you. Recommendations from documentation and consultation with the student are both used to determine accommodations. Final determination of accommodations rests with the University.

  3. Each semester accommodations are wanted or needed in classes, it is your (the student's) responsibility to complete the Accommodation Instruction Request Form located in the DSS office.

  4. It is then your (the student's) responsibility to present the Accommodation Instruction Letters to your professors, meet with them privately, raise their level of understanding of your strengths and disability, and work out the logistics of providing the approved accommodation. Since the primary relationship in the learning process is with the professor, we strongly encourage you to take the initiative within the first two weeks of the semester, or earlier, to develop that relationship.

  5. If difficulties occur in the actual provision of approved classroom or testing accommodations and you are unsuccessful in resolving those issues with the professor, then you may request assistance from DSS with securing the approved accommodations. Requests for assistance should be made as soon as any difficulties arise. DSS will work with both the student and the faculty member, or department, to arrive at an appropriate resolution.

If you would like additional information about requesting accommodations, please contact Disabled Student Services.

If you are a student in good standing and registered with DSS, priority registration is made available for students with disabilities. You have the opportunity to view the upcoming semester's schedule from your PipelineMT account before the general population has access. If you need information about your registration status, holds, advisor, or to confirm, log onto your PipelineMT account, choose the RAIDERNET tab, choose the STUDENT tab, then choose one of the four categories to obtain the information you need.

Priority registration is a service at MTSU for students with disabilities. If this service is not utilized by our students with disabilities population, our ability to provide this service may be prohibited in future semesters.

Remember, any bills or holds appearing on your account will prevent you from selecting your classes, so pay all fees due and eliminate all holds. Also, you must meet with your advisor to ensure you get the appropriate classes required for your degree.

If you are a wheelchair user or have other physical impairments that prevent you from using stairs please do not register for classes in the following locations:

  • Forest Hall 2nd Floor, Ellington Human Science 2nd Floor, Voorhies Industrial Studies 2nd Floor, KOM 4th Floor, and the Fairview Building 2nd Floor.
  • Only these rooms are accessible in the Alumni Memorial Gym (AMG): 210, 213, 218, and 219. Classes in these rooms can be accessed via a ramp and automatic door on the North side of the building.
  • If options are not available and you must register for a class in the above listed locations, please advise the DSS office immediately. If you fail to complete your course selection and notify DSS of conflicts, MTSU may not be able to fully accommodate your request for reassignment of specific sections or courses to accessible locations.
  • If you fail to confirm on RaiderNet by the posted confirmation deadline for the following semester, MTSU will not be able to accommodate your requests for assignment to specific sections/courses in accessible locations.


Once students with disabilities have been approved for accommodations, there may be cause for such students to request a change to an accommodation or to request an additional accommodation. Students with disabilities who would like to change or add an accommodation should contact Disabled Student Services to request an appointment with either the Director or Assistant Director of DSS to review the request.

If an accommodation has been denied, and you wish to appeal, you should put your appeal in writing within ten (10) days of the denied accommodation, along with your name, address, and a phone number where you can be reached. Your appeal should be submitted to Dr. K. Watson Harris, University ADA Coordinator, CAB 111, Murfreesboro, TN 37132. The University ADA Coordinator will review and consider your request and issue a written determination within 20 days of receipt.