Abstracts of Studies Completed by Center Personnel

Consonant Spelling Errors by Children with Dyslexia
Crystal L. McGee

Is Wordchains A Valid Test to Measure the Speed of Word Recognition for Students in Grades 7-12?
Salma Ali Daiban

The Interaction of Child Reading Disability and Parent Stress
Elizabeth A. Nelson

Vowel Spelling Errors across Ages in Children with Dyslexia
Julia D. Male

Comparability of Interpretations of
Nicole A. Kopp

Investigation of Normal Readers' Progress Through the Developmental Stages of Reading Words that Do Not Follow Strict Letter/Sound Correspondences
Karen M. Jones

Omissions and Substitutions of Vowels in Letter-Name Contexts: A Comparison of the Spelling of Dyslexic and Nondyslexic Children
Jennifer C. Bracy

Study of Validity of the Revised Test of Awareness of Language Segments
Leslie R. Caplenor

Application of Frith's Developmental Phase Model to the Process of Identifying
Diane J. Sawyer, Ph.D.
Jwa K. Kim, Ph.D.
Sally Lipa-Wade, Ph.D.

Variation in the Development of Decoding and Encoding Skills Among Students with Phonological Dyslexia
Diane J. Sawyer
Jwa K. Kim

Psychometric Characteristics of the Test of Awareness of Language Segments - Revised
Elaine S. Allen

Spelling Errors as a Window on Variations in Phonological Deficits Among Students with Dyslexia
Diane J. Sawyer, Ph.D.
Jwa K. Kim, Ph.D.
Sally Lipa-Wade, Ph.D.

The Relationship Between Skills Remediation and Academic Self-Perceptions among Students with Dyslexia
Aimee Renee Holt

Monitoring Progress in Reading and Spelling Among Average First-Graders
Caresa Young

Does Intervention Increase Acceptance in Dyslexic Children?
Donna Ritenour

The Relationship Between Memory and Sight Word Recognition in Students with Dyslexia
Julie Ledbetter-Spies

Tennessee Meets the Challenge of Dyslexia
S. Yancey Padget
Deborah F. Knight
Diane J. Sawyer

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September 23, 2017
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September 26, 2017
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October 19 - 20, 2017
Improving Two Pillars of Reading: Fluency and Comprehension
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November 18, 2017
Choosing the Right Accommodations to Ensure Success

November 18, 2017
Teaching Handwriting: Automaticity in Support of Reading and Spelling

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