Graduate Courses in Dyslexic Studies

The following courses are offered through the College of Graduate Studies at MTSU and may be taken as electives in other graduate programs:

Course Number Course Name & Credits
DYST 6000 Introduction to Dyslexia
(3 credit hours)
DYST 6010 Identifying Students with Dyslexia
(3 credit hours)
DYST 6011 Interventions for Dyslexia
(3 credit hours)
DYST 6012 Multisensory Teaching Strategies with Practicum
(4 credit hours)
DYST 6020 Adolescents with Dyslexia and Other Literacy Difficulties
(3 credit hours)

All courses require permission of the instructor and/or department to register.
Please contact Angela Morrell at 615-904-8434,