Upcoming 2016 Events

Date Event
Structured Literacy Instruction: The Shelton Academic Reading Approach (SARA)
SARA is a two-year IMSLEC and IDA accredited course utilizing structured, multi-sensory language instruction based on the Alphabetic Phonics approach for teaching students with specific language disabilities, such as dyslexia and related disorders.
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1/21/2017 Accurate and Automatic Decoding Workshop
Presented by: Neuhaus Education Center, hosted by TN Center for Dyslexia
In Accurate and Automatic Decoding, participants learn about basic decoding concepts and the structure of written English that aid the accurate and automatic recognition of printed words. Instruction for participants will include 1) sound-symbol correspondences, 2) syllable types, 3) syllable division patterns, 4) common roots and affixes, and 5) opportunities for practice. Audience: Grade K-3 Teachers
2/25/2017 Ms. Denise Gibbs - Integratng Free or Inexpensive Technology in grades 4-12
Students with dyslexia can benefit from readily available, inexpensive, or free technology to have access to print-based materials and to develop written expression skills.  Implementation of free Google Chrome extensions and applications and iPad applications with grade 4-12 students with dyslexia will be described.

Participants will become familiar with text-to-speech and speech-to-text applications used by students to gain access to content information and to compensate for written expression.
Dr. Denise P. Gibbs, ASHA Fellow; Director Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation Learning Centers
3/18/2017 Ms. Nancy Duggin - Fluency: Reading Fast or Reading Well
While many children gain the fundamentals of reading by the time they are in second grade, not every child develops the ability to read fluently.  Reading fluency is a skill that enables the reader to read with ease, accuracy, and with expression.  Teachers will increase their knowledge of fluency instruction and strategies, and parents will learn how to provide more opportunities to practice reading with fluency. 
3/31/2017 Hone Your Skills: Planning & Providing Skills-Based Reading Instruction
a hands-on workshop for K-3 educators & school psychologists working with students with characteristics of dyslexia
4/22/2017 Mr. Joey Ellis - Special Education Basic Rights - STEP
This workshop is designed for participants to gain a basic understanding of Special Education Rights and laws. Participants will learn how to develop an appropriate IEP and how to be an effective partner with their school team in the process.
5/13/2017 Mr. Joey Ellis - IEP Planning - STEP
Participants will work through the IEP document page for page learning the different types of services offered through Special Education. The participant will gain an understanding of how to write effective and measurable IEP goals as well as how to effectively communicate with their child’s IEP team.