iPad Apps To Develop Early Literacy Skills

Phonics Genius (free) includes phonics flash cards by letter combinations and sounds . You can also add your own custom words to be included on flashcards.

Phonics Awareness (free) includes a small interactive lesson on segmenting, blending phonemes and vowel sound.

Tic-Tac-Toe Phonics (free till December
30 th, 2011) is a tic-tac-toe game focusing on sounds syllables, blends and word families.

Sound Sorting Game (free till December
an", 2011) Match words that share the same beginning sounds by grabbing picture balls and dropping them into the correct spots on the board.

Sentence Magic 1 (free) Participants may build sentences or read sentences with three letter words . Helps to develop syntax and word order.

Build a Word Express (free) is a word spelling game where a child ' s voice reads a word aloud. Boxes are provided to represent each phoneme in the word. Letter tiles provided for students to spell the word.

Grammar Jammers Primary (free) Fun and playful rap songs define the parts of speech. A short 3-5 question quiz is given at the end of each section. Lessons include : adjectives , contractions , nouns , pronouns , verbs, sentences and punctuation .

Dyslexia (free) An animated story that explains what it is like being dyslexic in school . Excellent tips are also provided for both parents and teachers.

Chicktionary (free) A very popular word game , 24 puzzles included .

ABC Cursive (free) A fun app for learning the basics of cursive writing . This app is for children or adults who wish to improve their handwriting. Uppercase, lower case letter are practiced as well as numbers.

ABC Cursive (Tracing cursive HD Free Lite) See the letter, hear the letter, trace the letter, learn the letter with a stroke by stroke tracing animation.

Letter of the Day (free till December 30, 2011) Kids explore the alphabet from every angle. Animated lessons cover letter identification, letter formation, letter sounds and matching activities.

Spelling Magic [Three levels available1, 2, or 3 ] (free) Teaches the sounds of letters and how to build words. Vowels and consonants are different colors.

Shaker HD (free) With a pre-selected group of letters, you are timed in how fast you can build words.

Food Festival (free) Select a category from a list of food groups provided. Students listen to a word and match the name with the correct picture. This helps build vocabulary and oral language skills.

Sight Words (free) Sight words flash cards are grouped by grade level from pre-k - 3 rd grade . Choose a grade level and words are presented for practice. Words are read and pronounced .

Chalk board (free) Chalkboard with different color chalk to practice skills or draw.

Whiteboard (free)
Whiteboard to practice skills or draw.

DoodleBuddy (free) A large whiteboard to practice skills or draw . G r eat for practicing handwriting, spelling words or math equations .

CommonCore (free) Common core teaching standards are documented by subject area and grade level . A quick reference. A great app for teachers.

National Geographic for Kids (pay per issue)

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