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  • Womack Educational Leadership Department

Advisors (2014-2015)

Undergraduate Advisors for Education Minor Students

Business Education Dr. Jim Huffman COE 314 898-2331
English Dr. Kyle Butler COE 377 904-8142
Family and Consumer Science Dr. Heather Dillard COE 382 898-5435
Foreign Language Dr. Nancy Caulkin COE 380 898-5982
Health/Physical Education Recreation Dr. Charlene True COE 373 898-2330
History/Geography/Political Science Dr. Terry Weeks COE 375 898-5636
Mathematics Education Dr. Charles Milligan COE 352 898-2855
Music Education Dr. Terry Goodin COE 355 898-2943
Non- Teaching Dr. Jim Huffman COE 314 898-2855
Science Dr. Donald Snead COE 372 898-5755
Speech and Theater/Art Dr. Laura Clark COE 357 898-2325
Vocational Agriculture/Industrial Studies Dr. Stephen Bartos COE 378 898-7838


Graduate Advisors M.Ed.

Administration and Supervision (Beginning Admin. Licensure - ILL )
[ Off-Campus Cohorts Only]
Dr. Marvin Peyton 585-8310
Administration and Supervision - Higher Education Dr. James Huffman 898-2855
Aerospace Education Dr. Aubrey Moseley 898-2583
Business Education Dr Jim Huffman 898-2331
Curriculum and Instruction (Off-Campus Cohorts) Dr. Marvin Peyton 585-8310
Curriculum and Instruction (K-12 Licensure Path) Dr. Kyle Butler 904-8142
Curriculum and Instruction (On Campus) Dr. Aubrey Moseley 898-2583
Curriculum and Instruction (ESL) Dr. Dorothy Craig 898-2332
Library Science Ms. Katherine Boudreau 898-5378
Mental Health Counseling Dr. Quarto 898-5933
MST/MAT/Non-Degree/Non-Teaching Dr. James Huffman 898-2855
School Counseling Dr. Virginia Dansby 898-2559
Director of Counseling Center Dr. Robin Lee 898-2304


Graduate Advisors Ed.S.

Administration and Supervision (On Campus) Higher Education Dr. James Huffman 898-2855
Administration and Supervision (Cohort Program - Off Campus ONLY )
Administrator License Program (ILL-A)
Dr. Marvin Peyton 585-8310
Curriculum and Instruction [Only Available - On Campus]

Dr. Barbara Young

Dr. James Huffman



Curriculum and Instruction ((Culture, Cognition and the Learning Process)
[Only Available - Online]
Dr. Barbara Young 898-2209
Curriculum and Instruction (Off-Campus Cohorts) Dr. Marvin Peyton 585-8310


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